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Thank you to our SwissBorg Series A investors! Your incredible participation resulted in record-breaking success!


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An investment round to lead the European market together

5 years ago we had a dream. A vision of democratising wealth management - a mission to make it fun, fair & community centric. We raised $52 million from 24 thousand unique investors and built one of the strongest crypto communities in the world. 5 years later we have 700K verified users, generated over 150M in revenues and are award-winning industry innovators.


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Putting People First Breaks Records

SwissBorg's Series A is a unique opportunity to invest in a company at an early stage.The valuation will change depending on expressed interest during Series A. More than 12,000 people have already invested making SwissBorg Series A one of the largest crowdfundings.

Series A Valuation vs Investors | SwissBorg

Why is now the best moment?

Today, once more, we have a dream. We see a window of opportunity to rise to the very top of the upcoming Exponential Age. We are driven by a vision of becoming a transformative wealth management platform bridging the off-chain and on-chain worlds. Our mission is to distribute the value system of Web3 to tens of millions of humans through the SwissBorg ecosystem.

The foundational layers we have already built

Today we are strategically positioned at the frontier of Web3 innovation. We have built the most functional gateway towards the finance of tomorrow.

Payments & Spending

Payments & Spending

With support for 16 Fiat currencies by transfer and card, plus direct P2P crypto payments, SwissBorg is the bridge to Web3.

Smart Engine

Smart Engine

With our powerful order management system, SwissBorg finds the best price & liquidity from multiple exchanges on thousands of trading pairs.

SwissBorg Earn

SwissBorg Earn

We have built a versatile passive income platform, allowing users to choose their earning strategies based on risk and yield.

SwissBorg Thematics

SwissBorg Thematics

The recent launch of our theme-based crypto bundles allows users to diversify with conviction in one tap.

The future layers we are pioneering

Web3 will induce the biggest wealth shift of our time. SwissBorg will lead the democratisation of that wealth. Simplifying all aspects of web3 finance and providing first-row passage to tomorrow's exponential age.


Multi-Asset Launchpad

Giving ownership to communities. Democratising access to exclusive deals as early as pre-seed.

Tokenised Assets

Tokenised Assets

From NFT's to real estate, commodities and more, we plan to offer limitless investment possibilities in the digital world of tomorrow.

Smart Mandates

Smart Mandates

AI-based bespoke wealth management directives tailored to individual preferences, beliefs & purpose.

Build the future of wealth with us.

Meet the Executive Team

A global force with a proven track record

We started our journey with a team of 9 and a successful ICO in 2018. We are now a team of more than 200 committed to create the bank of the future. Empowered by our diversity and passion, we will keep going for years to come.


Senior Advisors to the Board

Pierre-Noël Formigé

Pierre-Noël Formigé

Philippe Phan Van Ho

Philippe Phan Van Ho

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From Dream to Reality: the Steps SwissBorg is Taking

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Putting People First Breaks Records
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Putting People First Breaks Records

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SwissBorg Series A - Introducing community-driven Dynamic Valuations

Today, we are proud to be disrupting the status quo once more by allowing SwissBorg’s first Series A to be valued by a large and diverse community. We are innovating the concept of community-driven dynamic equity valuations. 

Build the future of wealth with us

We are shaping the future of investment - placing the power back in the hands of individuals.