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SwissBorg Blog

14 April 2023

SwissBorg: Proof of Liabilities

3 April 2023

The Fundraiser in Figures: Community Counts! 

21 February 2023

Accessibility: The Core of SwissBorg’s Mission

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SwissBorg Thematics: Less fees, more reasons to invest

Discover the new structure of the Thematics fees.

Your SwissBorg Hero Journey: Rules & Rewards

Discover the rules of the SwissBorg Hero Score Program and the exclusive rewards for our SwissBorg Heroes.

Introducing the SwissBorg Hero Score Program

Introducing the SwissBorg Hero Score Program: Unleash Your Inner Hero.

Guardians of CHSB - Episode 1

In the last months, our team has worked to fix the "Protect and Choose" program. After having interviewed many of our most active community members, we are proud to present the Guardians of CHSB.

SwissBorg's Four Pillars for Success

SwissBorg's Four Pillars for Success: a Strategic Plan for the CHSB Token.

SwissBorg: Proof of Liabilities

We’d like to announce the launch of the SwissBorg Proof of Liabilities Portal, a web reporting solution enabling our users to see their liabilities ensuring their balances have been accounted for in the total sum.

Web3 Thematic January Review

Web3 Thematic March Review

Crypto is constantly evolving and from a risk perspective it makes sense to put your money on multiple winning horses. Good news is that you can opt into Thematics with just a few taps on your phone.

SwissBorg Series A: Reward Summary and Distribution Timeline

We'd like to take this opportunity to summarise the offers provided and clarify expectations regarding the rewards distribution.

SwissBorg Supports the Ethereum Shapella Upgrade

The Ethereum Shapella upgrade is an upcoming update to the Ethereum network that is expected to bring significant improvements to the platform.