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Crypto investing

Best Blockchains Thematic

3 October 2023

The Best Blockchains Thematic is here!

The Gaming Thematic is here

13 February 2024

Ready Player One? The Gaming Thematic is here

Dollar Cost Averaging and diversification

24 October 2023

Dollar Cost Averaging and diversification: a winning combination?

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SwissBorg x DOT May campaign

Polkadot x SwissBorg May Campaign: 80k$ worth of rewards!

Discover our special DOT campaign for this May.

SwissBorg Partners with Kevin Follonier to Launch Exclusive Investment Club

We are excited to announce the partnership between SwissBorg and Kevin Follonier, host of the influential podcast.

Borger Journey

Your Path to Financial Freedom Through the Borger Journey

Embark on your Borger Journey with SwissBorg! Experience financial freedom with our app upgrades and ecosystem integration. Reach milestones, unlock rewards, and shape your ideal portfolio. Start your journey today!

BORG on Solana

Unlocking New Horizons: SwissBorg’s BORG Token Lives On-chain

SwissBorg launches the BORG token on Solana, providing seamless on-chain access with Wormhole NTT tech. Join us in this blockchain revolution!

Guardians of the BORG - The Road Continues

Explore the ongoing journey of the Guardians of BORG: How they enhance governance and impact within SwissBorg's evolving DeFi landscape.

Why Solana

Why Solana: SwissBorg's Choice for a Scalable and Efficient Blockchain

Discover why Solana is SwissBorg's choice for a scalable, efficient blockchain: high throughput, low fees, and robust security.

Investing in Bitcoin and crypto post-Halving

Investing in Bitcoin and crypto post-Halving

Discover how the latest changes can impact your portfolio and how to strategically position yourself in the evolving market.

Aethir sold out

The Aethir SwissBorg Alpha: Millions in Seconds

SwissBorg's Aethir node sale concludes with a $100M ETH landmark, featuring rapid community participation and promising future Alpha Deals.

SwissBorg x Kiln: Revolutionising Staking and Restaking

SwissBorg x Kiln: Revolutionising Staking and Restaking

SwissBorg partners with Kiln for enhanced staking & restaking, democratising blockchain rewards.