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Bringing Swiss Wealth Management to the world

We are a team of finance and technology experts dedicated to improving the crypto industry by making it fun, fair and meaningful for all.

Our Values

icon heart

Purpose not just profit

The best investments are ones that also help make the world a better place

icon chain

Impartial inclusivity

Every member of our tribe is encouraged to speak up and share their ideas

icon megaphone

Empowering not controlling

We enable independent decision making to bring out the best ideas and solutions

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Experimentation and innovation

Build, Test, Deploy, Repeat

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Full transparency

We always communicate openly and honestly with our community

icon people

Meritocracy over inequality

We work hard to build a better future for our tribe and reward our contributors fairly

Our Team

Our Achievements

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Our Offices

To contact the SwissBorg team, please use our contact form. For technical and product support, visit our Help Center.

office switserland


Rue du Grand-Chêne 8
1003 Lausanne

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office London uk


WeWork 30 Churchill Place
Canary Wharf, London E14 5EU
United Kingdom

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office Toronto canada


77 Bloor St W
Toronto ON M5S 1M2

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Join us in building a new era of wealth management.

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