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CyBorg Predictor

The power of AI in your pocket

The CyBorg Predictor is a machine learning algorithm that forecasts an asset's movement over the next 24 hours, combining more historical data and technical indicators than a human could ever compute!

Technical analysis trend prediction

The SwissBorg Indicator combines the most popular technical indicators so you can understand current market trends at a glance.

Community sentiment

This indicator is based on the volume of transactions in the SwissBorg app over the past 24 hours, and reveals the balance between buying and selling pressure.

Automatic support and resistance

Levels of support and resistance are critical levels to monitor and are not always obvious to identify. That is why we wanted to provide this information automatically for our community members!

Analysis excerpt from the SwissBorg app, updated every hour:


Live SwissBorg Token Analysis

Another loss of -3.71% and the trend continues to be bearish in the medium term

CyBorg Predictor

SwissBorg Indicator

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