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SwissBorg DAO: You are building SwissBorg

November 12, 2020

Imagine, YOU are building SwissBorg!

If you share and are passionately committed to a vision built on meritocracy where anyone, from anywhere, at any time can contribute and get rewarded for building the future of finance, then the SwissBorg DAO is for you! You have the freedom to choose and not have a company choose for you. The more you work the more you will be rewarded. In the spirit of our meritocratic system and for the chance to win bonus tokens based on the quality of the work that you provide. 


Our vision is to foster a culture of trust and collaboration between the SwissBorg community & team members by offering high-quality communication and support and leveraging everyone’s expertise to develop and improve the SwissBorg Ecosystem. 

Our mission is to work closely together with you to achieve more rapid and improved results for the overall well-being of the SwissBorg Ecosystem.

In the past weeks, we have focused our efforts into developing a new form of organisation at SwissBorg: The SwissBorg DAO. Having gone through a thoughtful testing phase we are now thrilled to make it available to the public. The testing phase of the SwissBorg DAO project included the following:

  • We opened access to the first members - our already existing Community Committee members
  • We published the first set of tasks/goals to be accomplished within the Ecosystem
  • We implemented a new collective intelligence system by switching from our Community Committee to SwissBorg DAO incentivising and empowering our community members.

Immediately after the recruitment process mentioned below, all DAO members will be able to choose from different tasks posted by the SwissBorg team on a weekly basis in our DAO channel. 

Active and participating members are rewarded for all their efforts based on the “Proof of Merit” blockchain concept, a similar concept to the Swarm Intelligence Platform we held on Reddit. 

If you'd like to participate in this initiative, you will need to do only one thing: 

Become a member: here

Let us know why and how you ́d like to participate in the development of the SwissBorg Ecosystem.

SwissBorg DAO personas

SwissBorg Personas and tasks based on your expertise:

  1. Digital Artist: your goal is to create the most amazing post such as videos, pictures, poem, content, songs, gifs, infographics, etc.
  2. Translator: you will put your amazing language skills to use by helping us translating important documents/articles 
  3. Promoter: Your goal is to be active and promote SwissBorg on different social media platforms
  4. Moderator: making sure that a specific communicational channel is engaging, has good interaction and a clear flow
  5. Campaigner: You have a passion for networking and attending/organising events.
  6. Business Introducer: your goal is to get us meetings one-on-one, explain SwissBorg and CHSB to crypto investors, influencers, media, newbies, business partners etc.
  7. Cyber Virtuoso: Your goal is to find a way to make the community's life better by creating, Tools, Softwares, new utilities

Our expectations

  • Basic background knowledge about SwissBorg Ecosystem and blockchain technology
  • Participate in our monthly held DAO meetings 
The SwissBorg DAO members will not receive any privileged/exclusive information nor will they receive information before the rest of the community. All community members are equal and will receive the same news at the same time.

Come and join the SwissBorg DAO and take part in the growth of a pioneering new wealth management platform! 


The information provided in this presentation must in no way be construed as investment advice. SwissBorg does not assume any liability or warranty for the correctness, completeness and topicality of the information provided herein. Furthermore, SwissBorg does not assume responsibility for any damage that might be caused in reliance on the contents of this presentation. Any use of the information provided herein is thus at the sole risk of the reader. Prior to taking any kind of action based on the information provided herein, each and every person shall, if necessary, obtaining confirmation and affirmation by an independent body.

This presentation is not addressed to persons in any jurisdiction except under the circumstances that will result in compliance with any applicable laws and regulations. It is each person's’ responsibility to inform themselves about and observe any such restrictions.

The information provided in this presentation is not intended for nor directed to any national or resident of any jurisdiction where the holding of crypto assets is prohibited. Moreover, the information is not intended for United States citizens.

To the extent permitted by law, neither SwissBorg nor any of its agents, service providers or professional advisers assumes any liability or responsibility nor owes any duty of care for any consequences of any person acting or refraining to act in reliance on the information provided on this presentation or for any decision based on it.

All contributions and illustrations on this presentation are protected by copyright. Any reproduction, duplication or distribution for professional purposes is strictly forbidden.

At all times SwissBorg aims to respect the intellectual property rights of others regarding charts and texts and will, whenever possible try to use self-developed or free of license contributions. Possible contributions of third parties will be marked. Any utilization of non-authorized material is subject to the approval of the respective author. This applies especially to any duplicating, adaptation, translation, processing or other kinds of electronic media and systems.

This disclaimer is to be considered as part of the descriptions and information given on this presentation. If any individual or collective part or formulation of this presentation does not at all, or partially or completely correspond to what is legally required, the content and validity of the remaining parts of the document remain legally unaffected.

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