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SwissBorg at CC Forum, Investment in Blockchain and AI Conference

January 28, 2020

Members of our Growth and Business Development team joined us at CC Forum one of the largest crypto investment forums in the world. This event was one of the most heated and entertaining Blockchain conferences of the year, with some of the most interesting talks and debates. 

SwissBorg had a booth for the two days of the conference (Oct.14-16th) and we spoke with some of the most curious and passionate minds in finance and trading from all backgrounds.

SwissBorg CC Forum London

Some familiar faces came to see us for a catch-up, including our friends from CryptoCompare whom we’ve partnered with for their upcoming Summit in March 2020 as well as, and many Cryptonites fans. This conference proved to us how much people in the crypto scene are accessible, curious and approachable, but also that London is becoming more and more a major fintech and crypto Hub for entrepreneurs and Startups worldwide. 

SwissBorg team at CC Forum 2019 London

Many got a chance to discover us and had fun downloading our Community App and hearing about our upcoming best execution Wealth App. In the space of three days, we were able to get 250 Community App downloads. 

Alexander Fazel at CC Forum London

We had great fun networking and hearing from both legendary and controversial speakers who put the forum on fire, especially during heated debates that quickly went viral on social media.

I have a question for Craig, where does the name Satoshi Nakamoto come from?” Brock Pierce, the founder of the Bitcoin Foundation, asked Craig Wright during a panel debate around centralised financial systems. 

Watch the full video:

Panel discussion with CC Forum London
Our Head of Communications, Alex Fazel giving a talk on the meaning and importance of DAO at CC Forum

Alex Fazel and Max Studennikoff, the organiser of CC Forum

On a mission towards awareness and mass adoption, by engaging University students

Earlier this month, our Head of Communications Alex Fazel and Clarisse Encontre his Executive Assistant, headed to Warwick University to give a seminar on the meaning of Bitcoin. Within an intimate lecture hall, Finance and Engineering undergrads engaged and interacted around topics like how Bitcoin is helping society, our purpose in life, aka our IKIGAI, and the Five Pillars of Blockchain, coined by our friend Andreas M. Antonopoulos. Students were intrigued and asked questions on the utility of Bitcoin as well as about safety and regulation. In the end, they all enjoyed downloading the Community app and getting points from referrals. 

We plan to potentially organise more seminars in the next coming months at Imperial College London and The London School of Economics and Political Science in order to teach and reach mass adoption for future generations. 

Alex and Clarisse networking with an MBA student and Bitcoin advocate we met at CC Forum 

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