SwissBorg at the London Blockchain Forum: Crypto Reunion

It is back to school in the Crypto sphere so we decided to partner up with London Blockchain Forum on Thursday, 19th September, to organise the very first networking event of the season with some of the major players in the Blockchain space.

Our goal is ambitious: to make London the Crypto capital of the world. But we have faith in our method: edutainment or teaching while entertaining. Teaching works best when the student is not bored. If we want to reach mass adoption of crypto assets we need to make sure that the tech talk doesn’t scare the people who can most benefit from it, the non-experts. So, while we seek to educate we are also committed to making our meetups diverse and fun. 

We got together at ConsenSys, right in the heart of Shoreditch, to share ideas and listen to renowned speakers. Karl Turner, Head of Business Development at CryptoCompare, spoke about the 30+ facts you NEED to know about Crypto exchanges. Lex Sokolin, Global Fintech Co-Head at ConsenSys, gave a talk on Exponential Finance and Charlie Morris, from Bytetree, explained how Bitcoin is the ultimate TECH STOCK.

crypto exchange session London

Around 70 participants from various Blockchain circles, both new and veteran, took part in fun quizzes and mingled around freshly brewed beer from a company that is, “enabling the issuance of digital ‘crypto’ currencies to back artisan craft products.”

Stay tuned for more crypto edutainment. Join us at the CC Forum in London from Oct.14 - 16, 2019. A free ticket is waiting for you in the 'News' tab of the SwissBorg Community app.

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