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Cryptonites: Still No BS and Even More Legends On The Channel

November 6, 2019

Dear crypto community, and blockchain buddies across the globe! 

Once again, thank you all for tuning in, commenting and sharing our videos! We are still hoping to reach 5K subscribers by the end of December 2019, but to reach our target, we need your support. Liking, sharing, commenting and any sign of appreciation would help us grow the community and accelerate mass adoption.

During the busy and raucous CC Forum in London this month, we were able to interview the most famous speakers from the panels who shared their background, experience and passion with us. We cannot wait to release our next interviews with Bitcoin pioneer and Evangelist: Roger Ver, Bobby Lee, founder of crypto wallet Ballet and former co-founder and CEO of BTCC, Brock Pierce former child actor, now entrepreneur and crypto billionaire, Tone Vays, crypto YouTuber and influencer from NYC, Craig Wright, founder of NChain also the self-acclaimed Satoshi Nakamoto and finally Craig Cobb, expert in cryptocurrency trading strategies. 

We hope you’ll enjoy them as much as we enjoyed interviewing these celebrities. Make sure to tune in at a PC near you, Wednesdays 8 PM GST and share your thoughts with us on the upcoming videos.

Cryptonites Interview with Roger Ver
Cryptonites interview with Tone Vays
Brock Pierce at Cryptonites
Behind the scenes with the Cryptonites team
New offices: SwissBorg UK and Cryptonites are now based at WeWork Fintech Blockchain Labs in Southbank

It's a privilege and a great opportunity for SwissBorg UK to be based at the largest co-working space in the world, and officially be part of WeWork Fintech Blockchain Labs. On the 12th floor and with a panoramic view over London, we are happy to be inside a global space dedicated to Fintech and Blockchain startups. Our ambition here is to boost new potential collaborations, organise workshops and get access to shared knowledge by working in the same room as Chainlink, MakerDAO, Celsius Network, Tezos, Pantera Capital and many more. 

Networking at Future of Blockchain launch event

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