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SwissBorg & MakerDAO Partner Up for Crypto Cinema Event

November 6, 2019

The SwissBorg London team kick-started November by co-hosting our first event with MakerDAO at Fintech Blockchain Labs, located inside the futuristic WeWork building next to Waterloo station. It was SwissBorg’s first event at Fintech Blockchain Labs, where our new London office is located. 

The evening was filled with expert insights around subjects such as the value of token economies, the role of the DAO, and the various industries that are becoming more and more involved in Blockchain, including the wine and beverage industry.   

In front of an eager and inquisitive audience, Alex Fazel, our head of communications, gave an engaging and fun presentation: Bitcoin’s BFF: DAO and Token Economy.  In a talk that was as gripping as the title, he explained the meaning of the IKIGAI, its relation to Bitcoin, and how it can help society. 

What is your purpose on this planet? Can you control your wealth? When he posed these questions to the audience smiles appeared. 

Inside a beautiful cinema screening room, Gustav Arentoft, Business Development Representative at MakerDao, presented the components of their upcoming Multi-Collateral Dai (MCD) which will add new features to the Maker Protocol, including Dai Savings Rate (DSR) and CDP collateral types.  

An entertaining and educational quiz about token economics and Bitcoin brought the event to an end on a high note sending the participants home with a little souvenir from the event. 

Events like these show us the inquiring minds and enthusiastic nature of those interested and involved in the Blockchain space. The diversity of those who attend these gatherings reveals that mass adoption is within reach. Partnering with other distinguished companies such as MakerDao that share our values and goals puts us in a better position to help spread the love of blockchain and cryptos.  

Stay tuned for more events to come!   
Download our Community app. It is a fun, free and educational game that allows you to predict the price of Bitcoin, and earn it, without taking any risks. Available on iOS & Android. 

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