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CHSB Token: TOP 100 on CMC, Thanks to YOU!

June 19, 2020

The CHSB, our multi-utility token, witnessed a historic period in the last several days.

Anthony Lesoismier, our co-founder, had this to say about the good news,

Our community has trusted us since the beginning and we are working very hard to make our vision a reality. We never took shortcuts and we always chose the hard way, the right way. We never manipulated the price of the CHSB token nor its volume. We never surrendered and paid an insane amount of money to be listed on a crypto-exchange. None of the founding team tokens has been sold as of today.

Several important milestones, we just passed, in our young token’s life:

  • We reached the top 100 on CoinMarketCap (the industries’ most trusted source of price & performance) with a market cap higher than 60Million
  • We broke more than $2,0000,000 daily volume on exchanges
  • More than 17 million CHSB tokens have already been staked to trade $BTC for free
  • Our Protect & Burn pool is growing fast!
  • +180% in the last week

A multi-utility token, on the ethereum blockchain, is the key to SwissBorg. Its main function is allowing community members to participate in the growth of our ecosystem. Besides a participation utility and a savings utility, the CHSB has a staking utility. Each user will have access to zero commission fees by staking CHSB tokens.

The Utilities of the CHSB

  1. Staking: Stake your SwissBorg Token, become a premium user and pay 0% commission on Bitcoin and CHSB (available for buy and sell transactions against fiat currencies)
  2. Protect and Burn: 20% of the revenues generated from transaction fees will be used to buy back SwissBorg Tokens on the secondary market only when the price arrives in a bearish zone (the 20-day moving average is our indicator), we automatically place buy orders and burn them. Hence, the circulating supply of the SwissBorg Token will decrease with time while the liquidity will increase
  3. Voting Rights: Participate in the future of SwissBorg and the growth of our ecosystem by voting in our referendums
  4. Meritocracy: Earn rewards for contributing to the SwissBorg ecosystem
  5. Community Membership: Linked to the Wealth App and our Affiliate & Ambassador programs.

Joins us! We will onboard more than 60 new countries in June 2020 and bring you more breaking news regarding our Wealth app and CHSB token.

How to Get Involved

Check out the CHSB metrics page


Download our all-in-one smart wallet, the Wealth app.

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