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What happened at SwissBorg in 2023?

What happened at SwissBorg in 2023?


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2023 was a big year for SwissBorg!

While the crypto market was calm, we were busy building to prepare for the next market uptrend!

Let’s see in images what were the highlights of this year!

January - March: Series A

SwissBorg announced its Series A in January and broke all records when 16,660 big and small individual investors contributed a total of 21.27M CHF! 

Our engineering team created a Launchpad to allow every SwissBorg user to invest in this opportunity. These incredible results propelled the SwissBorg Launchpad to one of the biggest launchpads in terms of the number of investors!

Series A


Proof of liabilities

The beginning of the year shocked everyone when FTX crashed, erasing hundreds of billions of dollars from the global crypto market. Following that event, many investors pondered: “How can we trust centralised entities to tell the truth about their financial health”. The proof of liabilities is our answer: an on-chain proof of the SwissBorg reserves and the ability for everyone to check their balance in real time. This raises the transparency in the industry to a new standard.

Proof of liabilities

More quality tokens to invest in

Our goal is to support only projects that meet SwissBorg’s standards of quality. We don’t aim to have thousands of available tokens in our Marketplace. But we want to make sure that once a token has passed our exigencies and has been added to the app, the project is solid and offers a good investment opportunity.

Here is the list of the new tokens that were made available in the SwissBorg app this year: RPL, CAPS, FXS, ILV, HNT, MV, SHIB, GLMR, JOE, ARB, OP.

More qualitative tokens to invest in

Hero-Score: The new loyalty program by SwissBorg

The first season of the Hero Score was held during a 3-month period this summer. The aim of the Hero-Score is to reward loyalty. During the 1st season, the Heroes got rewarded with free tokens airdrop, multiple cashback and exclusive access to the Alpha Early-Deals.

Discover what’s next for the Hero Score!

Hero Score

SwissBorg Alpha: Access to Early Deals for everyone

One core value of SwissBorg is to make investment accessible to everyone. In traditional finance, the best investment opportunities are too often reserved to a closed financial elite. We aim to change this with SwissBorg Alpha: allowing all users to get access to great early deal opportunities.

In April, XBorg raised 700K$, with the public vault being sold out in less than 8 seconds!

In September, Phaver raised over 1M$. Once again, the public vault sold out in less than 3 seconds!

SwissBorg Alpha


Release of Auto-Invest

Auto-Invest allows you to set up recurring investments (buy and sell orders) from and to any crypto asset in the SwissBorg app. You can now create a Dollar Cost Averaging strategy in one tap, the most popular investment strategy used by investors to avoid market fluctuation. Stay consistent and cut through the noise with Auto-Invest!



Native Staking integrated in the app

Staking is often considered the safest way to generate yield on your tokens. We integrated staking for several tokens, in a fully transparent manner. You can now have access to staking yield on ETH, ATOM, SOL, MATIC and NEAR.

So far, you can choose from a total of 15 Earn Strategies, according to your preferred risk/reward ratio.

Release of the Golden Thematic

The resilience of Gold, the power of Bitcoin.

With the Golden Thematic, you can now build your long term portfolio by investing in gold and digital gold: Bitcoin.

This thematic shows a new mechanism that reallocate your portfolio between Gold and Bitcoin based on the market:

  • Crypto is booming: more allocation is put on Bitcoin
  • Market may reverse and go down: your portfolio is protected by allocation more to Gold
Golden Thematic


Release of the Best Blockchains Thematic

Twelve tokens, carefully picked by the SwissBorg Investment team. The Best Blockchains thematic allows you to invest in 1 tap into the best foundation of crypto: the blockchains tokens.

If you believe in crypto, this thematic should be the base of your portfolio.

Best Blockchains Thematic

BORG Migration

After 5 years of loyal service, it was time to update our beloved CHSB token. Welcome to BORG! Multi-chain compatibility, DeFi native, the upgraded token is about to unlock many exciting use cases!

BORG smart contract received the perfect score of 10 out of 10 from the Hacken audit team.

BORG Begins


Integration of Solana to the Smart Engine

The Smart Engine is a state-of-the art piece of technology, proudly engineered in Switzerland. It allows SwissBorg users to get the best prices and create new trading pairs by taking liquidity from 5 different centralised exchanges. And now, it can also connect to decentralised exchanges thanks to the integration of the famous layer-1 blockchain Solana!

The Smart Engine just became smarter!

Integration of Solana to the Smart Engine


The Banter Bundle, the first fan-thematic

The Banter Bundle Thematic, crafted by the Crypto Banter team, focuses on a balanced investment approach. It features a diverse portfolio with a strong emphasis on established protocols and strategic investments in emerging trends poised to shape the next cycle.

Discover the Banter Bundle now!

Banter Bundle

Discover the power of our Smart Engine

Today even smarter!


Embracing DeFi: The CHSB to BORG Migration at SwissBorg

Guardians of the BORG

Guardians of the BORG

SwissBorg in 7 Layers: the Future is Us!

SwissBorg in 7 Layers: the Future is Us!