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The SwissBorg Wealth App Is Live!

April 20, 2020

Our cutting-edge investment Wealth app is live and we are over the moon about the first test results and user reactions!  As you may know we decided to roll out our app one country at a time. We started with our headquarter, Switzerland, and will soon launch in most countries where our community is present.  

In Switzerland the results of the launch were very promising. We are proud that users reported  an average onboarding time of less than 8 minutes, which fulfills our aim of easy and quick access. Account verification took an average of 2 minutes and the median processing time for our Smart Engine, which allows quickest and best exchange execution, was only 400 ms! Only a short time into our launch and we already have more than 3 million CHSB staked by our Wealth app users. 

SwissBorg Weath app statistics
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Our beta testing was a big success

The onboarding process for 64 testers from 14 different countries went smoothly. The testing period lasted 12 days with 58% of participants using iOS and 42% Android.  

Our in-house team and the Beta 1 testers participated in a load performance test on February 26th between 14:30 and 14:45 (CET).  More than 100 individuals connected to the app simultaneously and sent exchange orders and generated activity. The results did not meet our expectations initially due to the slow response time of the Wealth app. We have corrected this by adjusting the settings and performance. We conducted another load performance test on March 3rd and were delighted by its success. 

Testers performed and successfully tested all the main functions of the app. From creating an account and onboarding to securing the account, depositing cryptos and fiat in local currencies, buying and exchanging cryptos, becoming a premium member, to sending and withdrawing cryptos and fiat the testers were happy with the overall seamless experience of using the app.   

Here is some of the feedback that makes us proud of our Wealth app:

SwissBorg weath app feedback

The overall experience was positive for all of the users, with 75% of users “absolutely loving it” and 25% who “really liked it”. 

See the charts below for a detailed account of the results of each phase of the testing process

Join us in building a new era of financial management. Download our wealth management app now! 

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