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The SwissBorg Rewards Program: Your Ticket To Free Bitcoin

July 8, 2020

We count our wealth by the number of happy community members. We believe the best way to spread the news of our cutting-edge Wealth app and our wealth management ecosystem is through our community members. There’s no better marketing strategy than a friend telling a friend about his/her positive experience with a product, team or token. After all, we came into existence with our ICO by the contribution of some twenty-three thousand individuals from across the world.

Born on the blockchain, we don’t believe in marketing in the traditional sense. We prefer to engage in community building. It is important for us to demonstrate that our community-centric approach isn’t empty lip service.

That is why we have launched our Wealth app Rewards Program. We want to put our community members' loyalty, experience with our products and networking savvy to good use: helping the community grow.

Our rewards program is a win, win, and win. For you, your friends, and the community.

Here’s why:

  • You can invite more than one friend
  • Each time you invite a friend both of you will be rewarded with a free ticket worth up to EUR100 in Bitcoin
  • Your invited friend can, in turn, invite other friends

If you find you have a knack for bringing friends onboard, our Rewards Program doesn’t end with the tickets for free Bitcoin. We have an Ambassador program with added incentives for those of you who excel at referring friends, promoting our project and growing your role in our ecosystem.  

The SwissBorg Wealth app Rewards Program counts on happy users to spread the love of our products and onboard their friends! The more there of you who believe in us, the more we can achieve together to our mutual benefit. We are not just about us; we’re about all of us!

Earn free Bitcoin today with the SwissBorg Rewards Program!

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