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EUR deposit details updated for faster payment processing

Faster EUR payment processing
Jacqui Pretty Head of Marketing

Jacqui Pretty

Head of Marketing

As of 3 March 2021, we have updated the Euro deposit details in the SwissBorg app for faster payment processing of SEPA payments!

Each user will now have a unique Beneficiary name and IBAN, and will no longer need to include a Reference code for their payments to be processed automatically.

This will significantly speed up the payment processing time for all users depositing Euros to the SwissBorg app.

Please note that the updated payment details only apply to Local Euro (SEPA) payments. The deposit details for all other fiat currencies will remain the same.

Where to find your unique payment details 

To find your unique payment details:

  1. Open the SwissBorg app and tap Deposit
  2. Tap the EUR card
  3. Make sure Local is selected (not SWIFT)
  4. Generate your new details
  5. Copy your new details from the app

If you don't have the option to generate new payment details, please ensure you have the latest version of the app installed and try again.

Please use the new details for all future Euro deposits. If you have the old payment details saved with your bank or in other apps, please remember to update these details before your next deposit.

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