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Multi-Fiat Account for Our Multicultural Community

Multi Fiat Swissborg App

Setareh Sabety


We have added a multi-fiat account feature to our SwissBorg app. Along with the 15 local currency on-ramps and connection to four exchanges, this new feature firmly positions us as the number one fiat gateway in the cryptocurrency market.

The multi-fiat account is a great new addition to our app because there are several use cases for this feature:

  1. The ability to diversify and have more than one local currency account, for example, an EUR and a GBP account and use both to buy cryptocurrency.
  2. Being able to invest with a stronger currency with better exchange rates.
  3. Make big trades easier by depositing EUR directly for the most liquid trading pair and in this way completely avoid fiat to fiat conversion.
  4. Ability to hedge in a stronger currency if a user’s local currency is volatile or susceptible to inflation.

We try to make investing in cryptos easy and efficient, so here’s a simple step-by-step description of how the multi-fiat account will function:

  1. As soon as you trigger a deposit request for a currency or asset, we will add the account to your portfolio
  2. If you choose a new currency when exchanging, the account will only be added to your portfolio if the exchange is executed.
  3. You can hide any fiat or asset account if the balance is zero
  4. You can add back any hidden accounts
  5. It is not possible to exchange fiat to fiat

How to get started:

  1. Update to ensure you have the latest version of the Wealth App
  2. On the Portfolio screen, tap Deposit or Exchange.
  3. Beneath the fiat currency displayed, tap ‘Add Currency’.
  4. Choose from 18 available fiat currencies to deposit or exchange!
Multi Fiat Swissborg App

Give it a try. Deposit from as little as 10EUR (or equivalent) and see just how easy it is to invest in crypto.

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