SwissBorg Korea Update (November)

In Korea, we started off the month of November with a piece of great news!

SwissBorg reached the A+ level (highest grade) on Xanlge the blockchain company’s public disclosure platform. The platform was created to enhance transparency within the cryptocurrency market which is one of SwissBorg’s top priorities as well. Xangle has partnered with almost every Korean exchange and provides institutional DD reports to them. We are going to officially cooperate with Xangle to enhance transparency and our report will be sent to all the exchanges and partners. Cyrus Fazel, our founder, is going to be featured LIVE on the local TV channel, “Money Today” which is a major media covering the economy.

CHSB A+ score on Xangle

Participating in the conference “ Digital Transformation of Financial Sectors in Switzerland”

On November 8th, many of the big names in the world of digital finance flew from Switzerland to discuss Banking 3.0, investment opportunities in the blockchain space and related regulations. In the ‘Blockchain Finance Conference’ that was held in Seoul, Korea, I represented SwissBorg attending sessions with such giants as Seba Bank, SIX Digital Exchange and Crypto Finance, and Flov Tech to learn about how blockchain redesigns traditional banking and capital markets.

Also, some of the experts on Asian countries’ regulation, Ken Kawai from Anderson Mori & Tomotsune gave us an insightful session.

Jayne Kim networking with Ivo Sauter, CCO of SIX Digital Exchange at the networking session
Jayne Kim networking with Ivo Sauter, CCO of SIX Digital Exchange at the networking session

Decentre Growth Night

One of the most influential crypto media, Decentre, hosted a small gathering of the Korean marketing & business development managers of foreign companies. As Korea is one of the most crypto-friendly countries, many of the foreign crypto projects have been expanding their business to Korea and this was a great opportunity to get to know other projects in the scene and network with cutting edge projects. 

Decentre held an eye-opening session about press release and local marketing strategies, and then we all moved to the networking party with local fried chicken and beer! 

Decenter journalist's PR session
Country managers for each blockchain projects are listening to Decenter journalist's PR session

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