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How Can I Participate in the Phaver Early Deal?

Ziga Potrebujes

Research Analyst

Phaver vaults eligibility
Phaver vaults eligibility

Disclaimer: The table above may be subject to change by either party before the launch of the vault. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Phaver Alpha early deal?

The Phaver Alpha early deal gives you an opportunity to invest in one of the leaders in SocialFi via the SwissBorg app. Thanks to the SwissBorg x Phaver partnership, it’s an opportunity for you to receive an early deal price on the upcoming Phaver token which you are unlikely to get again when it publicly launches on the market.

Where can I participate in the offering?

The vault will be offered to the users of our app. You need to download the app and pass the basic KYC verification to have the option to invest.

How can I help so that the KYC process is smooth? 

All KYC cases are first checked by an automated system. If the application gets rejected, the case has to go through our specialists, which slows down the process. Here are a few tips for improving the odds of your application being automatically approved. Please provide a photo of an original document (no photocopies or screenshots), make sure the document is valid, provide the full name that matches the name in the document, make sure the light is good (there should be no reflection), make sure the 4 corners of the document are visible, provide a document with full date of birth (not only year). Lastly, keep in mind that newer documents with up-to-date pictures are also more likely to be automatically approved.

What must I do, to become eligible for the vault?

If you are a SwissBorg Top 1000 Hero or a Phaver power user with L4, you are automatically whitelisted. Other users can earn the whitelist by performing 5 easy quests on QuestN. If you need help, you can check out our video tutorial. 

What are these Quests and where do I find them?

The quests are a few easy tasks to help us determine the level of activity of individual users and grant them the benefits according to their efforts. You can find the quests here

How much time do I have?

The snapshot of the users will be taken approximately 48 hours before the vault launch in the app. We have ensured that everyone has ample time, however to avoid a stressful situation, we recommend you start your journey sooner rather than later. 

Does it matter which country I am from?

Yes, you can check the list of eligible countries here

My country is not on the list, does this really mean I cannot participate?

Yes, unfortunately there is only a number of countries we can offer our services to. If your country is not on the list, it means we do not support it. 

What are Rewards?

The rewards are bonus Phaver tokens received for free on top of your investment. The quantity of the reward is based on which vault you are eligible for and the amount of quests that you perform. 

Who are SwissBorg Heroes and how do I become one?

The Hero Score program was an initiative where any user can opt in and where they receive points based on their activity each week. The first season of the program is now closed, and all the people reached the top1000 will be able to access the special vault, as a token of thank for their effort. The second season will come at a future date.

How do I level up on Phaver?

To see all of the tasks that reward you with Cred, you can go in the Feed tab on the Phaver App and click the L icon in the top right of your screen. There are multiple ways to level up your Cred on Phaver, paid and free. For the paid ones, you can simply purchase the NFT collections displayed on any NFT marketplace, connect your wallet and receive points. There are also free ways of building up your Cred, such as doing the quests on QuestN and earning yourself the SwissBorg x Phaver SBT. If your overall completed tasks are worth 25 Cred and 100 Phaver points, you earn the amount every day, as long as you log in at least once in that day.

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