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Innovating with Enjin to deliver 6,000 unique NFTs

SwissBorg’s Genesis Premium NFTs
Maxime Slemett Acquisition Manager

Maxime Slemett

Acquisition Manager

On Thursday 17th February, 2022, all of SwissBorg’s Genesis Premium users received their much-awaited NFTs!

Our Genesis Premium users were the first community members to subscribe to a Premium account in the SwissBorg app, locking 50,000 CHSB tokens for 12 months. To thank them for their loyalty as our earliest supporters, we recently closed the Genesis Premium level and sent each member a commemorative NFT! 

Each NFT is a frame from the beloved Cyborg’s #lastchancetodance breakdancing video, which was created for the end of the Genesis Premium account. Our team converted these frames into three different colours, resulting in a series of 6,000 unique NFTs - so if you’re a Genesis Premium user, your NFT is unlike anyone else’s.

What you might not have realised, though, was what went on behind the scenes in order to distribute thousands of NFTs in a way that was easy for non-technical users—and efficient in terms of fees and speed!

Here’s how we collaborated with Enjin to make it all possible.

The challenge

Due to network congestion and fees, it’s currently very challenging to mint and distribute NFTs at scale. 

From a user perspective, users would need to create a wallet like Metamask, and then share their ETH address with SwissBorg to receive the NFT distribution.

Beyond collecting all of the wallet addresses, on SwissBorg’s side, we would typically have to mint NFTs one by one (with the ERC-721 standard, for example), resulting in a gas fee for every mint. For our Genesis Premium NFTs, it would’ve meant paying gas fees 6,000 times—costing potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars to mint and send each token!

Fortunately, Enjin’s solutions remove most of these friction points. 

Innovating with Enjin

SwissBorg has had a long-standing partnership with Enjin, starting back in June 2020, when we were one of the first projects to launch a cross-game NFT quest with 8 game developers, including Lost Relics and Forest Knight

Since then, we’ve been using Enjin’s tech to test various NFT initiatives, from distribution during AMAs and events, to unique reward models like the Genesis Premium NFT.

When it came to the Genesis Premium NFTs, we faced the challenge of creating an NFT collection with 6,000 unique images. Using Enjin’s API and the ERC-1155 standard, authored by Enjin’s CTO Witek Radomski, we were able to mint many NFTs in one transaction. 

For distribution, we looked to Enjin’s unique Beam feature, a first-of-its kind QR technology for distributing NFTs. All our users had to do was open their email, click a button, and scan a QR code to claim their reward. Easy!

And all of this was achieved with 0 fees on JumpNet, Enjin’s carbon-negative blockchain.

Ultimately, we’ve taken a utility/gamified approach to our NFT collections, made possible by Enjin’s tech stack. This approach gives us more flexibility to test and create new concepts without having to worry about expensive fees and layer 2 complexity.

What’s next?

Enjin has an exciting roadmap ahead with developments that will benefit SwissBorg NFT holders, including a brand new version of the Enjin Wallet app for storing your NFTs, and Efinity, a Polkadot parachain that aims to enable cross-chain NFTs in the Metaverse. 

At SwissBorg, we hope to utilize Efinity’s capabilities in support of our mission to democratise cryptocurrency wealth management—we are actively exploring ways to leverage utilities to create real value for our NFT owners, as well as for the entire SwissBorg ecosystem.

Until then, you can learn more about the benefits of being a Premium member, or lock CHSB to upgrade your account in the Premium tab of the SwissBorg app! 

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