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Davos: Be Part of The Solution Set

February 13, 2020

At the 50th annual meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos, this year, multi-stakeholders gathered to discuss the most pressing global issues aiming to improve the state of the world.
First, let me point out that people should be aware that there is 3 type of groups at Davos.  

  1. Greta & Trump political adversaries crowd  
  2. Blockchain, AI, Impact entrepreneurs 
  3. Activists, artists, party people 

If you are not too sure to which crowd you belong, well, the worst-case scenario is hanging out at the Piano bar and figuring out. 

How to make the most out of the insane week at Davos? Set meetings in advance, go to small events and try to be a panellist or speaker. 

Along with the Cryptonites team from London, we were fortunate to be part of Lan’s family, which is the best combination of the 3 categories. We had the opportunity to meet some inspiring movers and shakers of this world and to expand the reach of our network. 

Notables such as former Ecuadorian president, Rosalía Arteaga, who spoke about empowering women because of their universal role as educators. The world should be raised by women according to the former president. Blockchain pioneer Diego Gutierrez Zaldivar elaborated on the use of blockchain technology to democratise and decentralize finance. He stressed the need to create a fair and simple way to conduct finance, to restore trust the way we transact financially. Astronaut Ron Garan made us look up to see ourselves as a planet within a vast universe. The veteran space traveller underlined how we need to raise the collective consciousness beyond the global to see ourselves in planetary terms as a planet in a universe. 

Alex fazel and Ron Garan interview at Davos
Interview with the astronaut, Ron Garan, at Lan's Gala dinner

At a panel about the financial services of tomorrow. We discussed how new technologies will help bank the unbanked and the underbanked; how millennials and the new gens prefer easy, data-driven, customised and responsible banking. Meaningful investment and tailored accessibility were highlighted as the future of banking. 

It was fascinating to be able to discuss how we perceive the world from our different perspectives and how we could each contribute to the greater good. 

Panel discussion World Innovation Economics conference at WEF 2020 in Davos
Panel discussion, The Bank of Tomorrow, World Innovation Economics conference

Most of us agreed that the 1st obstacle to progress is that most of us have still not figured out our purpose. Obstacle number 2 is that the worse addiction in the world is cherishing one’s comfort and unwillingness to change our ordinary habits. 

The main reason for inaction is that most people have not figured out their mission in life. First and foremost we all have to find our purpose. Second, we have to give up our addiction to our comfort. The most crippling of addictions is our unwillingness to change ordinary everyday habits. 

In the cryptosphere, one of our greatest ambitions is to change the way people conduct finance. So habit-changing is an inherent part of our mission here at SwissBorg. The SwissBorg philosophy of meritocracy and decentralization resonated in many of the talks which stressed the importance of community and of acting locally. 

I had the opportunity to give a talk about the SwissBorg Smart Engine and how our Wealth app will take us a step closer to the collective aim of mass adoption and easy accessibility of finance. I shared my own story of finding purpose and taking the first steps in implementing the change I wanted to see in the world.

Cyrus Fazel smart engine talk at WEF in Davos
Cyrus Fazel Talk, Smart Engine: The New Era of Wealth Management

But alone, I wouldn’t be able to take this step. We can act best when we share a vision and act together as a tribe. We have to stay in tight-knit communities to have the clarity of vision and the necessary determination and momentum to bring about meaningful progress.  

Join us! Become part of the SwissBorg ecosystem and subscribe to Cryptonites TV!

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