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SwissBorg Series A - Own a Piece of the Future.

SwissBorg Series A
Daniel de Lophem

Daniel de Lophem

Product Manager

Bringing Private Equity to the Public

In the equity space, private markets outshine their public counterparties by several orders of magnitude - both in size and returns. Still, these lucrative opportunities are reserved for selected circles of institutional funds and accredited investors. The average retail investor is systematically excluded from the most valuable deals in the world. For decades this elitist model has been sustained due to bureaucratic accreditations and the capacity of big players to close and diversify.

The segmentation is clear: 

  • Private deals (pre-IPO) represent the most significant slice of the pie and offer the highest value proposition - they are reserved for selected circles of invited investors. 
  • Public offerings (post-IPO): earliest investment point for retail investors, commonly used as an exit for the same invited investors that contributed in earlier private rounds.

Until now, the average person had no chance to compete, limited to becoming exit liquidity for VC funds and big institutional players.

Web3 Opens a New Investment Landscape 

The tide, however, is changing. Leveraging the decentralised ledger technology of Web3, we can consolidate the distributed liquidity of diverse retail investors into a single investment entity. As a unified front, we have the strength to shake up the established status quo.

SwissBorg is about to show the world the next step in the democratisation of wealth management; we are democratising the world of venture capital & private capital markets.

SwissBorg's mission is to place equity ownership directly into the hands of communities and provide access to professionally-vetted investment opportunities as early as pre-seed - giving access to private deals with the same conditions as the world's most prominent venture capital firms. We are levelling the playing field.

This mission has begun, and we are on our way to demonstrating its potential by walking the talk… all the way. We are proving to the traditional financial system that equity can be raised without the deep-reach venture capital -> that we can increase the corollary between capital providers and seekers -> that we can align investors and assets using the strength of their convictions.

Commitment to Community 

Today, we will prove our commitment to a community-centric future by democratising access to our very own equity - empowering community members to become SwissBorg shareholders, SwissBorg partners.

Ours is no less an ambition than setting the governance standard for Web3 ownership structures - we want SwissBorg to be by the community for the community.  

Our Series A capital increase will highlight the communion of  company ownership and communities. It is the first step towards a community-led society. 

Step into the future with us! Be one of the first 10,000 community investors to obtain an exclusive partner’s debit card!

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The importance of aligning shareholders on first principles was proven with the downfall of Voyager, BlockFi, and many other of our former competitors. They all sought capital at the summit of the bull market to keep the music playing. They all sought capital at record-breaking valuations from the same entrenched silicon-valley VC Corporations. 

The fundamental issue with conventional fundraising rounds is that they close with small cap tables of VC firms absorbing a significant amount of equity and direct governance power. VC companies don’t value-invest; the bottom line is ROI. Growing fund returns quarterly is the fiduciary obligation fund managers have toward their shareholders. 

The post-Luna contagion reflects this fallacy—companies taking asymmetric risks in pursuing futile short-term returns. 

Founding members, project leaders, and communities strive for a long-term mission, and VC managers seek quarterly targets.

SwissBorg is cutting the distance between project leaders and their communities with this Series A. We are leveraging the technological innovations of our Multi-Asset launchpad to eliminate the now unnecessary intermediaries in the Venture Financing Scheme.

Walking our Talk with Series A 

This is a Series A to bootstrap our growth and emerge from this bear market as European market leaders. With the strength of survivors and many of our competitors made insolvent, we see an opportunity to consolidate this fragmented marketplace to scale and solidify our competitive advantage. In fact, we like to think outside the box and see in this crypto winter a great countercyclical opportunity. In this way we’ll get the best valuation for our community of app users and therefore the best risk/reward ratio. 

We will not sacrifice long-term prosperity for short-term revenue, we will not compromise our integrity to reach quarterly goals. The ability to achieve a common long-term mission understood and backed by all shareholders - our founders, employees, and community members, makes all the difference in the world.

Disclaimer: The offer referred to in the article constitutes an investment in financial instruments and your capital is at risk. This information shall not be regarded as any form of solicitation or invitation to invest on the offer by the issuer or any of its affiliates.

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