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| July 15, 2021

Investing versus trading and which is right for you

Understanding the key differences between investing and trading and finding the best fit for you


| July 9, 2021

How our psychology impacts our investing

Many of us have experienced losses in our crypto portfolios due to bad investing decisions. In this article, we will take a closer look at psychological...


| July 7, 2021

Smart Yield Report: June 2021

See the June report on the performance of the SwissBorg Smart Yield wallets.


| July 6, 2021

Earn more on the beach: 3X your rewards this summer!

Summer’s here, which means many of us are taking a well-earned break. But just because you’re on holiday, your portfolio doesn’t have to be.


| July 1, 2021

Sandra Ro - Investment goal once you become a crypto millionaire

Sandra Ro is a true voice and inspiration within the female Blockchain community. As CEO of the Global Blockchain Business Council in Geneva, she is a...


| July 1, 2021

Start earning a yield on XRP with SwissBorg!

The SwissBorg community can now start earning a yield on the seventh largest crypto by market capitalisation - XRP!


| June 30, 2021

10,000 users getting Community Premium benefits!

It has been just one month since the launch of our new Community Premium account, and we already have over 10,000 users who are reaping the...


| June 29, 2021

Security tokens explained

What are security tokens, and why are they disrupting traditional finance?


| June 25, 2021

Scaling Ethereum: comparing L2 solutions

For years, Ethereum blockchain developers have been working tirelessly to fix scalability in a variety of ways. But what’s the lowdown in layman’s...


| June 24, 2021

Gordon Einstein - Why Bitcoin will never crash and die

Gordon Einstein is a Dubai based technologist, Crypto-Attorney, and Blockchain educator, passionate about the world of cryptocurrencies and The DAO...