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Why choose Gaming? A perfect storm is brewing

Web3 Gaming stands at the intersection of two significant trends. First, post-Covid, gaming has seen rapid growth, with over half of those under 35 identifying as gamers. Second, decentralised technology is shifting industry power from large corporations to players and fans. This marks the beginning of the GameFi era.

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Invest in the future of Gaming

As the industry’s boom unfolds, the Gaming Thematic combines the most promising games, essential infrastructure, vibrant communities, and high-potential projects. Inspired by XBorg, the fastest growing Web3 gaming protocol and a proud partner of SwissBorg.

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Historical Performance

Pre-launch performance is backtested. All Time High: +190.07% (All)

Last data: December 5, 2023

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Source of the currency rates: The Historical CoinmarketCap OHLCV

All investments carry risks. Past performance is not indicative of future results. Investors are advised to conduct their own research or consult with a financial advisor before making investment decisions.

Gaming Thematic and its target allocation

Last Reallocation: February 12, 2024 @ 2:40 PM

Top Games
Leading Web3 Games disrupting the gaming industry and onboarding millions of new players and fans.
  • ILV
  • GMT
Top Infrastructure
The main Blockchains and Protocols enabling the technical growth of the GameFi movement.
  • AVAX
  • IMX
  • BEAM
Top Communities
The most active and engaging communities providing governance, identity to the next wave of gamers.
  • YGG
    Yield Guild GamesYGG
Moonshots are new or undervalued assets having an asymmetric growth potential.
  • XAI
  • BORG

A Thematic inspired by XBorg

Experience the future of investment with the ever-evolving Gaming Thematic, designed to keep you ahead in the rapidly changing Web3 Gaming industry. Inspired by XBorg, the Gaming Thematic adapts quarterly, integrating the most promising gaming projects to evolve alongside industry and market transformations.

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App screen with Gaming Thematics
App screen with Gaming Thematics
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