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The new era of Swiss Private Banking with Smart Contracts

The SwissBorg project aims to revolutionize wealth management solutions with a community centric approach powered by Ethereum.

Why building financial services on the blockchain

Smart contacts

Unique eco-system for all asset classes

iot P A Y

Latest payment solutions

Community-centric approach





We believe that each member of our community should be rewarded in tokens based on his or her contribution to our universe.



We believe that everyone should be part of our community and easily access the eco-system from everywhere at any time.



We are based in Switzerland and proud to carry some of it values such as reliability, precision and forward thinking.



We believe that trust is the sine qua non condition of any human interaction and we strive to provide the highest ethical standards .



We believe that each person is unique and should have a tailor-made service that fits his or her requirements.

iot P A Y


We believe that in order to give the best services, to scale and to avoid human error, automation is a crucial step.



We believe that the Swarm intelligence will bring trading, governance and strategy to the highest level.



We believe that AI and our 50 year experienced trading team will provide best in class hybrid quantitative strategies.


Private CryptoAssets-Holders

The combination of self-learning algorithms, AI and smart contracts enable entirely new financial services that you strongly need to manage your wealth through tailor-made investment


Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAO)

The world evolves towards more tokenization, corporate business model as we know it today are going to be reshaped into a DAO Model. In the meantime, cash management, multi-currencies (multi-crypto-currencies in the decentralized world) management will evolve too.


Financial community

We believe that it is time for wealth managers, quantitative investment manager to reconsider the level of expertise and creativity they must bring to the table and we are ready to help them in the context of SwissBorg. Why not become the next cyborg-advisor?

Risk Disclaimer

For the time being, SwissBorg is not an investment advisor, broker or dealer and therefore does not participate in the offer, sale or distribution of securities, nor does it provide any investment advice.
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