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SwissBorg’s Multi-Asset Launchpad - Introducing Layer 5 

SwissBorg’s Multi-Asset Launchpad
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“Only when the tide goes out do you discover who's been swimming naked.” – Warren Buffett

Although most people would agree that TradFi has not always been errorless, we have to hand it to “The Oracle of Omaha”; his assessment was right seven decades ago, and still is today. 

A market that needs to reinvent itself

The recent crash of FTX and sister company Alameda Research have highlighted, once more, the importance of strong foundations and integrity. We learned that in a world full of jumpy rabbits it pays to be a sturdy swiss turtle. Greed & avarice always come at a price and so the market is in the process of healing. 

As SwissBorg holds strong through its 2nd bear market and the rotten apples of the industry are being wiped-out, the crypto space is becoming more resilient and sound. The survivors of this bear market will be in the strongest position for the next leg up. As our competitors forfeit we continue to grow our resilience & our product-vision.

The Multi-Asset Launchpad, a new approach

And so, today marks a historic moment for SwissBorg. We are preparing ourselves to release our 3rd major innovation produced in this bear market. This is a feature that has long been awaited by our community and that has the potential to become the single most significant growth catalyser our industry has seen.

Today we introduce the 5th layer of our mission to democratise wealth management. Today we introduce the SwissBorg Multi-Asset Launchpad: giving ownership back to communities.

We are proudly breaking up the entry barriers of venture capital firms, investment banks and accredited investors. We are reimagining the investment landscape of the future and placing the power of ownership back in the hands of individuals. This is the next step in our Web3 revolution.

The SB Multi-Asset Launchpad, will give our community members access to exclusive investment opportunities that up until now were reserved for a select few. From private equity to IDOs, bonds & real-estate, the potential of tokenised securities offered through our Layer 5 could be exponential. The SB Multi-Asset Launchpad aims to offer professionally vetted investment opportunities across an entire spectrum of new asset-types. Simple, transparent and within the reach of a few clicks. A true game-changer.

The SwissBorg Launchpad will soon launch in its beta version at the occasion of a very special first offer that proves our commitment to a fun, fair & community-centric future.    

We have the strength of survivors and keep buidling stronger than ever to emerge as market leaders. Join the team next week on YouTube for the Launchpad AMA to learn more! 

E pluribus unum.

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