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SwissBorg partners with Green Crypto Research

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SwissBorg partners with Green Crypto Research
Jacqui Pretty Chief Marketing Officer

Jacqui Pretty

Chief Marketing Officer

We are proud to share that SwissBorg has partnered with Green Crypto Research to execute our sustainability roadmap!

Green Crypto Research has developed the world’s first sustainability rating for crypto, following the ESG framework (Environmental, Social, Governance). They believe that blockchain technology plays a key role in the journey to a more sustainable future, and their framework empowers investors to make responsible investment decisions.

Green Crypto Research is currently developing ESG ratings for the 30+ tokens currently listed in the SwissBorg app, including CHSB. Each token will be rated from A to D on its Environmental, Social and Governance performance, and will then have an overall ESG rating.

We will be adding these ratings to the SwissBorg website and the Learn section of the SwissBorg app in the coming weeks, with the longer-term plan being to add them to the Marketplace of the app as well. These ratings will empower members of the SwissBorg community to invest with sustainability in mind, every time they use the SwissBorg app.

On the topic of the partnerships, Francesco Mochi Sismondi, SwissBorg’s Head of Risk and current leader of the internal sustainability task force commented, “This partnership is a key milestone for SwissBorg's sustainability roadmap, allowing us to bring greater transparency to our community on important topics such as energy usage and the social purpose behind different crypto projects. We believe this partnership is a first and foundational step for SwissBorg in empowering our community towards more responsible investment decisions in line with their values.”  

“The sustainability of cryptocurrency is still mainly reduced to CO2 emissions. This narrow focus ignores other relevant dimensions, such as electronic waste or social components. The structured framework of our ESG rating enables a holistic perspective. We are excited to partner with SwissBorg to jointly drive transparency in the crypto world”, says Isabel Gehrer, President of Green Crypto Research.

The entire SwissBorg team is excited to be moving forward with our sustainability roadmap, and we can’t wait to share the next steps with our community! Visit the Green Crypto Research website to learn more.

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