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SwissBorg Earn AMA

26 August 2022

Jami Sabety-Javid Senior Growth Marketing Manager

Jami Sabety-Javid

Senior Growth Marketing Manager

Get your questions answered in this all-star SwissBorg AMA! Here the technical team will tell you everything you need to know about this upcoming product launch, and how it can help you earn a yield on your cryptos.

With SwissBorg Earn, you can choose different crypto yielding options based on your desired level of risk and reward. If you’re a conservative investor, you can put everything in a lower-risk, lower-yield strategy. If you’re more aggressive, you can put your crypto in a higher-risk, higher return strategy. Or, get the best of both worlds by mixing and matching your yields, with 90% in a lower-risk option, and 10% in a higher-risk one. SwissBorg Earn empowers you to build the right crypto yield for you.

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