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How to store your Bitcoin & Crypto - with Jorge Sebastiao

Production manager at Cryptonites TV

Clarisse Encontre

Production manager at Cryptonites TV

We had the pleasure of speaking and learning from Cybersecurity expert Jorge Sebastiao. An International ICT Speaker and Blockchain guru who is fascinated by the world of digital innovation around crypto assets. This includes the role of NFTs in society, the rise in asset Tokenization, and the recent emergence of Yield Farming tools within the crypto space. 

With over 30 years of ICT experience, covering innovation, architecture as well as risk management, compliance and auditing, he mainly served the Telecom, Financial and Oil & Gas sectors and co-authored the book "La Face Cachée du Crédit". Based in Dubai today, he is devoted to bringing digital innovation aspects in areas ranging from IoT, AI, BigData, 5G and Robotics.

As we get close to the end of our Crypto Millionaires Season in Dubai, we sat down with Jorge to discuss the security elements of Defi Protocols, the vulnerability of end-users online, and trending topics such as Blockchain scalability and the use of Smart contracts.

Blockchain as a service

The first topic we spoke about was how to implement Blockchain as a service to enterprise organisations. Telling us about his time working at multinational Chinese tech company Huawei, and the early talks around using Blockchain internally: “A lot of growth is still happening in this area. Typically when you write or develop a business application either inside the private sector, or for a government, in reality Blockchain is maybe 5 or 10% of this system. The rest is full stack development. Either front end or back end system which includes a workflow, a web interface and a mobile app”. In his words, Blockchain is only a little piece you barely see and actually makes the whole thing become transparent.

Cybersecurity is a process

For those looking to learn more about phishing, scams and cyber threats online, Jorge invites us all to explore his YouTube Channel where he gives detailed workshops on these topics including security awareness classes. Yet, although the classes exist, hackers still try to manipulate and cheat the system. As he clearly stated in our interview “Cybersecurity is a process, it’s not a one time thing, you have to constantly refresh it with new best practices to get the best awareness on the latest threats. These threats are new at every iteration”. 

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