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Carpool with CryptoJack: Derivatives vs Leverage Trading & BTC Price Predictions in 2021

Production manager at Cryptonites TV

Clarisse Encontre

Production manager at Cryptonites TV

We caught up with crypto trader, world traveler and popular YouTube star CryptoJack (Jack Skipp) in a fun Carpool edition in Dubai. The discussion took many angles, starting with his journey into the world of Crypto through his father, followed by trading tips and Bitcoin price predictions for 2021. The biggest takeaway from this interview was his remark: "When looking at the charts, always remember that "the trend is your friend, until the end".

With over 118 000  YouTube followers, Skipp started his career over three years ago whilst training to become a pilot. His plans took a drastic turn when his father initially introduced him to cryptocurrencies and altcoins. From then on, the rest was history, but nonetheless he reminded us that his wealth was not built overnight: “people don’t see the behind the scenes, the work, the struggles, the amount of effort you put in, they just see the end result.”

Investing in Bitcoin and Ethereum

Skipp, like many popular figures in the crypto space, keeps a majority of his money invested in Bitcoin. “Yes, it may not be the smartest idea but again, I really believe in Bitcoin. Like nothing else in this world, I think it’s going to be a very smart financial move”.

He added that in a world where we are seeing more and crypto newcomers and newbies investors, “if you’re kind of new to crypto, just start with buying 50 bucks of Bitcoin, maybe 100 bucks of Bitcoin, and maybe 50 bucks in Ethereum as well. I would mainly tailor it towards Bitcoin because, although Bitcoin is still a risky asset class in the sense of traditional investments, it’s a kind of a safer one than maybe some of the other old coins”. 

Bullish Predictions for Bitcoin

Between 2021 and 2022, Skipp has optimistic thoughts that the asset class will take off. “I think we could see $100,000 Bitcoin in the next 6 to 12 months, maybe 6 to 18 months. This is very, very easily, easily doable, where we are right now,” he said. Further to that, he adds that: “in the long term, for example five to ten years, we’re going to be seeing $1M Bitcoin, it’s going to happen, it’s inevitable, but it will happen. Whether it happens in the next five years, 10 years, 15, 20 years, however long it takes, I’m going to be waiting for $1M Bitcoin and I’m sure you are as well!

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