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Polkadot x SwissBorg May Campaign: 80k$ worth of rewards!

SwissBorg x DOT May campaign
Thomas, senior growth specialist

Thomas Blanc

Senior Growth Specialist

The Borger Rank has just launched! Let’s celebrate with the biggest promotional campaign of the year. SwissBorg has partnered with the Polkadot Foundation to promote the DOT ecosystem. Over the next two weeks, we will host different promotions and events where Borgers will have opportunities to earn great rewards!

The Swissborg x Polkadot campaign Reward Pool is composed of 12,000 DOT tokens, so approximately $80K at the time of writing 🤯. 

All of it will be distributed to the Swissborg community. How, you may ask? Let’s dive into it!

Event #1: Community sprint - 300 DOT rewards

A two-week massive community sprint will guide you through the Polkadot ecosystem, and the best questers will share the reward pool of 300 DOT (approx. 2,000 USD).

We’re waiting for you on Zealy to participate in this!

Event #2: 5,700 DOT Airdropped to Borgers 

It’s raining airdrops! A total of 5,700 DOT will be airdropped to the most valuable Borgers.

Eligibility and value are determined according to the Borger Rank.

Event #3: DOT Trade & Earn campaign - 6,000 DOT reward

Become eligible for a share of the 6,000 DOT reward pool by doing the following actions between 21/05/2024 and 26/05/2024 at 23h59 CEST.

The reward pool will be unlocked based on community targets. The more DOT tokens purchased, the more rewards will be unlocked!

Reward distribution mechanism

You will receive an airdrop proportional to your DOT purchase versus the entire DOT purchases during the promotional period. You will get a multiplier based on your Borger Rank!

Example: During the promotion period, 10,000 DOT tokens were purchased. If you bought 100 DOT, your purchase represents 1% of the total purchases, so you are entitled to 1% of the reward pool, which is 60 DOT (6,000 DOT * 1% - approximately $420 at the time of writing).

Impact of Borger Rank in the Calculation

Your Borger Rank will determine the multiplier of your share of the total purchases.

Impact of Borger Rank in the Calculation

Community Target & reward pool unlock

Community Target & reward pool unlock

We urge every member of our community to take full advantage of this unprecedented opportunity! With a staggering 12,000 DOT tokens, valued at around $80K, up for grabs, there’s never been a better time to engage, learn, and earn with us. Whether you're participating in our community sprint, grabbed your share of the DOT airdrop, or boosting your earnings through the DOT Trade & Earn campaign, every action counts towards unlocking greater rewards.

Remember, your engagement not only brings you closer to these fantastic rewards but also strengthens our community and the broader DOT ecosystem. Let’s make this promotional campaign a monumental success—participate, spread the word, and help us hit those community targets to unlock the full potential of the reward pool. Don’t miss out on this golden opportunity to enhance your crypto journey with SwissBorg. 

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