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Gordon Einstein - Why Bitcoin will never crash and die

Production manager at Cryptonites TV

Clarisse Encontre

Production manager at Cryptonites TV

Gordon Einstein is a Dubai based technologist, Crypto-Attorney, and Blockchain educator, passionate about the world of cryptocurrencies and The DAO (Decentralised Autonomous Organisations). Since 2016, he runs his own crypto based law practice at CryptoLaw Partners working with crypto, blockchain, and FinTech startups around the world. His mission is to help stakeholders with the creation of decentralized protocols to suit the legalities of the broader market.

In 2010, Gordon saw that the new field of cloud computing had huge potential. The group he formed brought to life his vision of a future oriented law firm technology platform called AdaptiveSky. As an avid computer and programming hobbyist, it was only natural for him to then become intrigued by Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, and all related technologies. By 2014, he was providing legal services to several individuals and companies and began educating  individuals both in the USA and Ukraine on blockchain practices. 

As a major advocate for a decentralised future, we couldn't help but sit down with him to discuss his background, how he started his own cloud computing company and his growing interest for Bitcoin and popular alt-coins. Check out this interview where he dives deep into the world of science fiction and its relation to real life, followed by his views on collectible fictions, and Bitcoin’s ever growing value today.

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