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Listing UOS: By popular demand

Setareh Sabety Wordsmith

Setareh Sabety


We are delighted to announce the listing of UOS (Ultra) in the SwissBorg app! The UOS token is very special to us because it is the first token listing that was voted by our Premium members. We are also excited because it is our very first Metaverse token listing, opening doors to a vast digital realm. 

UOS (Gaming/Metaverse) 25.8%MANA (Gaming/Metaverse) 13.9%SHIB (Meme coin) 13.9%FTT (Exchange Token) 9.5%SAND (Gaming/Metaverse) 8.4%VRA (Gaming / Metaverse) 7.5%SUSHI (DeFi) 7.2%AXS (Gaming/Metaverse) 6.0%QNT (Platform) 4.3%MkR (DeFi) 3.6%
Sum Of Weights

UOS is a blockchain-based PC game platform that aims to provide both gamers and game developers with opportunities to collaborate, earn and develop. With the Ultra token, gamers can buy and play games, resell their used games and items, and earn money through their participation in the Ultra ecosystem. 

In our first Premium member vote, the gaming sector’s UOS received the most votes. Metaverse gaming tokens also received the highest votes overall, which reflects the current trend in the crypto space.

We believe listing tokens that enable participation in the Metaverse is the first step in acquiring a strong footing in this brave new digital realm and its economy. 

UOS can now be exchanged with 16 fiats and 26 other cryptos with the revolutionary Smart Engine in the SwissBorg app. Download the SwissBorg app to exchange UOS! 

Your chance to win with UOS and SwissBorg

To celebrate the listing of UOS, we have partnered with the team at Ultra to offer some exciting prizes to both of our communities.

For the SwissBorg community, Ultra is offering 750 UOS tokens for 5 lucky winners who take the following steps:

  1. Follow both and @swissborg on Twitter
  2. Create an account at
  3. Like and retweet this post about the competition

To be eligible to win, you must run Ultra on Windows to be able to successfully create your Ultra account, and provide a valid Ultra wallet address (this can be found in your Ultra wallet).

The competition will run from December 9th, 2021 to January 9th, 2022. (See Ultra’s terms and conditions here.)

For the Ultra community, SwissBorg is offering 5 Community Premium accounts for just 1 CHSB each! Anyone who signs up for the SwissBorg app using this link is eligible to take part.

To win, simply:

  1. Download the SwissBorg app using this link.
  2. For the next month (until January 9th), refer as many friends as you can to the SwissBorg app. Learn about our Rewards Program.
  3. The top 5 referrers will win a Community Premium account for 1 CHSB!

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SwissBorg Solutions OÜ is not responsible and shall not be liable for any undertaking, information, loss or damage arising from the promotion organised by Ultra as mentioned in this article.

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