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A Revolution in Crypto Investing

A simple and fair wealth management ecosystem powered by blockchain technology, putting your wealth back in your hands.

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Wealth App

Our Cutting-Edge Crypto Investment App

We take the guess-work out of investing in cryptos with a secure & easy-to-use app that puts the control of cryptos in your hands.

Coming soon to iOS and Android.

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Multiple Crypto Assets in one bundle

A collection of strategically selected crypto assets grouped into investment bundles, rebalanced automatically to improve performance and mitigate risk.

CHSB Token

The Key to SwissBorg’s Ecosystem

SwissBorg community members can participate and invest in the SwissBorg platform with our CHSB multi-utility token based on the Ethereum blockchain.


Become a premium user and pay 0% commission for Bitcoin and CHSB.

Voting Rights

Participate in the future of SwissBorg by voting in our referendums.

Buy Back and Burn

Benefit from a decrease in token supply via our Buy Back & Burn policy.


Earn rewards for contributing to the SwissBorg ecosystem.


USD Raised in ICO




ICO Participants


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