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Supercharge your portfolio with memecoins: the most high-risk, high-reward asset class in crypto.

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The rise of Meme Tokens

Inspired by viral internet memes, meme coins started as a joke with no real value but today, they are at the centre of crypto culture, known for their unpredictable price swings  and huge potential. They are seen by many as the assets with the most potential for big returns.

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Meme projects are here to stay

By gaining massive popularity, memecoins have grown beyond the point of no return and are now at the centre of crypto culture. They are fun, fair, and community-centric, and this is why they are so popular.

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Meme raising in popularity

Meme Coins and their target allocation

Last Reallocation: June 18, 2024 @ 12:50 PM

Top Meme Coins
Popular Meme Coins based on their market capitalisation and history.
  • DOGE
  • SHIB
    Shiba InuSHIB
  • Pepe
  • BONK
  • WIF
SwissBorg Native Token
BORG, SwissBorg’s native token, is an essential part of every Thematic to strengthen the SwissBorg ecosystem and act as a link to different crypto narratives and industries.
  • BORG

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3 Steps to turn your beliefs into powerful investments

  1. In the Invest tab in the SwissBorg app look for the Thematics product.
  2. Head to the Thematics overview screen and choose your Thematic.
  3. Invest your desired amount & watch the full power of Thematics strengthen your portfolio.
Screenshot of the thematics section in the app
Screenshot of the thematics section in the app
Screenshot of the thematics section in the app
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