Build a rock-solid foundation for your wealth

Combine the potential of Bitcoin with Gold's timeless strength & watch your investment being automatically optimised as the market changes.

Golden thematic

Cash and stablecoins lose value, Bitcoin is volatile

The dollar has lost 95% of its value over the past century. Bitcoin is the most promising solution against worldwide inflation but still remains very volatile. The Golden Thematic solves this by capturing Bitcoin's potential while automatically protecting your investment with the strength of Gold.

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The power of Bitcoin, the resilience of Gold, on autopilot

The genius of the Golden Thematic lies in its dynamic algorithm that automatically trades between Bitcoin and Gold as the markets change. When markets rise, it leans into Bitcoin, and as the risk of a correction becomes too big, it pivots to Gold, protecting your investment.

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Golden Exchange

Golden Thematic and its target allocation

Last Reallocation: June 26, 2024 @ 7:04 AM

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How the Golden Thematic works

Market big picture

Following the market's big picture

The Golden Thematic uses a special algorithm to decide how much to invest in Bitcoin versus Gold. By analysing the market with the help of rolling RSIs (Relative Strength Indicators), the algorithm evaluates whether the crypto market is on the rise (bullish), or if a decline is likely (bearish).


Growing with Bitcoin, staying safe with Gold

During rising phases the Golden Thematic invests into Bitcoin to capture its growth. But as the market overheats and the chance for a correction increases, the Thematic automatically converts your investment into Gold to protect it.

Golden Clock

Precise execution, like clockwork

Whenever our algorithm identifies a shift in the market, the Golden Thematic springs into action. Reallocations are immediately processed at the maximum speed of our SwissBorg Smart Engine.

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  1. In the Invest tab in the SwissBorg app look for the Thematics product.
  2. Head to the Thematics overview screen and choose your Thematic.
  3. Invest your desired amount & watch the full power of Thematics strengthen your portfolio.
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SwissBorg App - Thematics
SwissBorg App - Thematics
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