More than a basket of tokens

Strengthen your investments with the most promising crypto themes.


Explore our Thematics

Our expertly curated Themes to turn your beliefs into strong investments.

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Meme Coins

Supercharge your portfolio with the most high-risk, high-reward asset class in crypto.

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7 Coins
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Real World Assets

Be part of the revolutionary trend of tokenizing real-world assets. Own a piece of the real world, powered by crypto's innovation.

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11 Coins
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Gaming is a rapidly growing Web3 use case, attracting millions to crypto and emerging as a key trend in the upcoming market cycle.

GAMING tokens
9 coins
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Best of Blockchain

Best Blockchains

The future of finance is built on Blockchains. Dive into the heart of crypto and find out how to stay at the front of this revolution.

12 coins
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Discover how to navigate the market cycles confidently with our algorithm-driven blend of Bitcoin & Gold.

2 coins
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Banter Bundle

Banter Bundle

From CNBC’s Crypto Trader to one of the most viral Crypto Social Media Channels, catch the next bull trend alongside Crypto Banter and their top picks.

BANTER tokens
20 coins
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Stay tuned as more Thematics are coming this way, to help you diversify your portfolio.

Why Choose Thematic Investing

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Diversify risk in one tap

95% of crypto projects fail. Putting all your bets on one token is highly risky. Instead broaden your horizons and invest across your favourite trends & themes, all with just one tap.

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Grow with expert selections

SwissBorg meticulously curates each Thematic. Every token included is thoroughly vetted and consistently reviewed. We make sure you're invested in each theme's top projects.

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Relax on autopilot

As projects launch and shift, our advanced algorithms automatically update your Thematic. So you can sit back and relax, knowing that your investments are always up-to-date.

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How Thematics work for you


Invest in the top projects only

Thematics isn't about following the crowd. Our expert team conducts thorough evaluations of each project ensuring you invest in the most promising tokens in each theme.


Rebalancing to keep your investment balanced

Thematics automatically adjust your investments to maintain the best mix of assets. As market conditions change, Rebalancing looks after your risk management. It takes profit from what's performing the best and buys more of what hasn't risen as much, keeping your portfolio in tip-top shape.


Reallocations so your investment stays up-to-date

Reallocations update your Thematic’s tokens and their percentages (%) as the market evolves and new projects emerge. Invest with peace of mind knowing SwissBorg's team regularly checks and updates the tokens in your Thematics. 

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Diversify like the pros in just 3 steps. Start now!

  1. In the Invest tab in the SwissBorg app look for the Thematics product.
  2. Head to the Thematics overview screen and choose your Thematic.
  3. Invest your desired amount & watch the full power of Thematics strengthen your portfolio.
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Thematics in app
Thematics in app
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