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Earn up to

20% p.a.


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Earn easy passive income with the SwissBorg Yield Account


Optimised strategy that analyses the best DeFi projects for the best returns


Start earning with as little as €10, with no minimum 
commitment period


25% of all returns go to a Safety Net Program to protect against risk

How we get you the best return

Our Smart Yield account connects you to selected counterparties with a full range of decentralised financial applications to create a best-in-class yield program. This ensures you benefit from the best market opportunities, resulting in the highest return for the most acceptable level of risk. Plus, we pay out your yield daily, which means not only are you earning a return on your account balance - you’re earning a return on your yield!

Our system connects you to selected counter parties with a full range of DeFi projects to find you the best return for the lowest risk, using top platforms like Compound, Curve, Binance, Aave or Uniswap

DeFi Programs

CeFi Programs

Up to



Yield Farming

Stablecoin Liquidity Providers

What’s next on the Smart Yield roadmap?

We won’t stop at USDC! Over the coming months, we’re also adding DAI, USDT, BTC and ETH to our Smart Yield program.

smart yield roadmap

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