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The SwissBorg Token (CHSB)

With SwissBorg, you have the opportunity not only to be a user but to become a real contributor by holding CHSB tokens and benefiting from the growth of the ecosystem.

CHSB flowers
New Feature

CHSB Yield 2.0

The CHSB Smart Yield account revolutionises earning on your cryptos. By linking the yield paid to the performance of the SwissBorg ecosystem, this sustainable yielding program will reward token holders in the long term.

CHSB buyback
New Feature

CHSB Buyback

To boost our ecosystem, every week we buy back CHSB on the market using the fees generated by the Smart Yield program. The amount we buy is based on the Community Index - the higher the Index, the more we buy!

Community Score Chart



Community Index

SwissBorg’s latest initiative is returning to the core values of blockchain. We have developed a yielding program for the CHSB token that is calculated based on our new scoring system - the Community Index.

CHSB Protect and Burn

CHSB Burned

4.9 M

CHSB Protect and Burn

Every CHSB holder will benefit from a decrease in supply. 20% of the revenue from the SwissBorg ecosystem is used to buy back and burn CHSB tokens. This creates scarcity and value for you as a CHSB holder over the long term.

CHSB Token

In Premium accounts


In Yield

Circulating supply

In Buyback Pool


CHSB staked

136.91 M


By staking CHSB, users lock their tokens for a pre-defined period, reducing the available supply and increasing scarcity while enjoying Premium benefits.

Premium Benefits

Premium Benefits

By holding CHSB tokens, Premium users show their confidence and trust in the CHSB's long term value. Premium users unlock unique benefits:

  • Lower fees When you buy/sell Bitcoin, CHSB and stablecoins
  • Yield boost Earn up to 2X the yield on your cryptos: USDC, BTC, ETH, XRP and CHSB
SwissBorg Nation Council Referendum
Coming Soon

Participation in referendums

The CHSB Token gives you the possibility to participate by giving your opinion in our referendums to help us shape the future of the SwissBorg app. It is just the first step towards fully decentralised governance of the application. SwissBorg started as a tribe, extended to a village and is now moving towards becoming a nation.

Buy CHSB tokenCHSB Tokenwith the SwissBorg app

With the SwissBorg app you can exchange CHSB with - 16 fiat currencies including EUR, CHF and GBP - 31 cryptos including Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Binance coin (BNB) in more than 100 countries

Your financial future starts here.

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