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Cyrus and Anthony talk the Metaverse! And what should our next Premium be? Pow Wow 49/50

15 December 2021

Cyborg from SwissBorg


DAO member

Cyrus Fazel and Anthony Lesoismier discuss the Metaverse and what this means for the future of crypto.

Plus, earn 2X rewards on your CHSB, the latest crypto market updates, the SwissBorg Community Index reveal and our SwissBorg chart of the week.

Finally, we want to hear from you - what should be included in our next Premium account?

01:20 - Question of the week
03:59 - Referral bounties
04:13 - News of the week
05:30 - Crypto market update (BTC, ETH and CHSB)
07:02 - 2X referral rewards
08:14 - Metaverse interview
17:33 - SwissBorg chart of the week
18:46 - Smart Yield numbers
19:06 - CHSB key numbers
19:54 - Next @Cryptonites interview

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