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NFT Partnership: SwissBorg & Wawrinka’s Ballman Project

NFT Partnership: SwissBorg & Wawrinka’s Ballman Project

Setareh Sabety


We are excited to partner with the Ballman Project NFT Open Series, a virtual tennis game endorsed by Swiss tennis star Stan Wawrinka, who is a 3-time Grand Slam Winner, an Olympic champion and Davis Cup winner.

The Ballman project is a collection of 5555 unique and upgradeable NFTs that allow players to play in a series of tennis tournaments. It is a play-to-earn game where NFTs have a great utility: they grow skills and improve their game over time. Much like tennis players in real life, your NFT improves with experience. The more you play, the better tennis player your NFT becomes. 

The Ballman Project is providing up to 400 whitelist spots exclusively to SwissBorg app users and community for their presale of Ballman NFTs! 20 spots will be offered in a Twitter contest and the others will be reserved for our community of app users. 

As part of the partnership, we will potentially participate in one or all of the following: 

🎾 Creation of a SwissBorg Tournament 

🎾 Premium placement in the NFT Open Series tournaments 

🎾 Personalized NFT bonuses  

We are honoured to welcome SwissBorg as our global partner! We think it is the perfect match between the leading Swiss cryptocurrency platform and an ambitious play-to-earn tennis NFT project endorsed by Swiss Tennis legend Stan Wawrinka. It also demonstrates how Ballman has a long-term vision and it is only the beginning!”  Prosper Masquelier, co-founder of the Ballman Project 

“We are excited to partner with the Ballman project. It is not only headed by one of our favourite Swiss sports heroes, but it’s also a project with a unique vision that highlights one of NFTs’ best utilities. With the Ballman project, a play-to-earn game, your NFT can improve with time. The only way to access tournaments and earn prizes is by increasing your Ballman NFT’s skills. We are happy to help introduce this exciting tennis NFT project to the crypto space and bring about mass adoption.”  Cyrus Fazel, CEO and co-founder of SwissBorg.


How to participate: 

NFTs are 0.1 ETH plus gas fees instead of 0.125ETH for the public sales. You will need Ethereum in your Metamask wallet to participate in the minting.

Complete the short form below to confirm that you would like to participate.

Form available here!


The Promotion is only available to people who are aged eighteen (18) years old or above, that are verified users of the SwissBorg App (available on iOS and Android Stores) and who made at least one deposit on the App.

Please submit the form by February 8th, 2022 12:00PM CET . On 9th February, we will do a random draw to determine which users will receive the 400 whitelist spots.

Mint for pre-sales will open on February 15th, 2022 10:00PM CET.

Please feel free to follow Ballman Project’s Discord, our dedicated Discord channel, or our Twitter to stay up-to-date with the latest information. 

Disclaimer: Ballman NFTs will be issued by the Ballman Project, and SwissBorg bears no responsibility in the minting of the NFTs. SwissBorg is not responsible for adding wallet addresses to the whitelist or for missing allocations during the minting. This communication is not financial advice or inducement to invest.