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The Best Blockchains Thematic is here!

Best Blockchains Thematic
Daniel De Lophem

Daniel De Lophem

Product Manager

BlackRock’s ETFs, JP Morgan's Onyx, El Salvador’s Bitcoin City… bigger whales are diving into the crypto waters, creating a strong wave of institutional adoption, even after a challenging 2022 for the crypto industry.

The shift is evident for retail users in the surge of web3 applications. Decentralised social media and play&earn games are reshaping our understanding of data ownership, monetisation, and digital identity.

At the heart of all this progress? Blockchains.

The Best Blockchains Thematic is here!

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If you really believe in crypto, this is where you begin.

Think of blockchains as the infrastructure of the crypto world, much like roads in a city. They're the platforms upon which all decentralised apps and exchanges operate. If crypto is the future, blockchains are its foundation.

Have you ever heard the saying, "During a gold rush, sell shovels"? In the crypto world, blockchains are those invaluable shovels, providing the essential tools for building a decentralised digital future.

Discover the new BB Thematic!

Best Blockchains

Blockchains should be the base of any crypto portfolio because they are the base of crypto itself.

Internet vs crypto adoption
Internet vs crypto adoption
Internet vs crypto adoption

Our recent article, "The Crypto Ant & the Pension Grasshopper," highlighted how the blockchain-driven Web 3.0 revolution represents the most important wealth redistribution event of our age. It's comparable to being part of the tech boom in the mid-'90s. The investment principle is clear: the earlier you join, the more you can gain.

But here's the challenge: Which blockchains should you invest in? How do you identify the promising ones from the fleeting? With new projects emerging daily, making the right choice can be intimidating and potentially costly if misjudged.

Strengthen your portfolio with the Best Blockchains of today and tomorrow!

The Best Blockchains Thematic groups the strongest & most promising blockchains of the moment. As the market evolves, so does your Thematic, ensuring you're always invested in the top players.

Here is how:

1. Expert analysis to find the top projects.

Finding the Best Blockchains requires a deep knowledge of the technology and user trends. The top blockchain projects stand out in terms of their performance, security, as well as active user and developer communities. Our expert team thoroughly evaluates each project, ensuring you invest in the most technical, sound and thriving projects. 

2. Asset changes to keep your investment up-to-date.

Blockchains are constantly evolving, making it hard to keep up. SwissBorg tracks these changes to ensure your investments are always up to date. Regular Reallocations adjust your Thematic to focus on the most relevant blockchains as the industry evolves and new projects emerge.

3. Weight adjustments for all market conditions.

The Best Blockchains Thematic is designed to be responsive. It not only Reallocates but also Rebalances in tune with market shifts. Whether the market is bearish or bullish, the Thematic adjusts - leaning on established blockchains for stability during downturns and capitalising on emerging ones in bullish times.

Inside the Best Blockchains Thematic: Allocation

The scope of the Best Blockchains Thematic is all-encompassing. Four distinct categories of Blockchain projects are defined: 

  • Top Layer 0s: These frameworks allow different blockchains to communicate seamlessly.
  • Top Layer 1s: The foundational blockchains that underpin and secure all decentralised applications (dApps).
  • Top Layer 2s & Sidechains: These are blockchains layered atop L1s, enhancing them with added features like scalability and privacy.
  • Moonshots: These are the rising stars and undervalued projects in the blockchain space, offering the Thematic potential for significant growth.

Allocation at Launch

Allocation at Launch
Allocation at Launch
Allocation at Launch

To reach an allocation, SwissBorg's investment team meticulously analyses each blockchain, focusing on quantitative technical and investment metrics and the strength of its ecosystem and governance model. 

  • Quantitative Evaluation: Key factors include blockchain security, efficiency, scalability levels, token distribution models, and performance metrics.
  • Qualitative Assessment: We look at the project's governance, the team's reputation, chain activity, and the engagement of developers and the community.

Detailed analysis of each project can be found here.

From our ongoing analysis, the strongest projects are included in the Best Blockchains Thematic, offering a comprehensive and balanced exposure to the overall crypto space. The weight given to each project within the Thematic is dynamically adjusted to market conditions.

For instance:

  • We lean more towards established blockchains like Bitcoin & Ethereum in uncertain or weak markets. This ensures the Thematic aligns closely with the broader market and minimises drawdown excesses.
  • Conversely, during sideways and bullish markets a same asset composition can lean towards a more moderate up to aggressive allocation respectively, putting more weight on smaller chains with greater volatility profiles (smaller mcap and volume) and thus upside potential.

Keep in mind these are just examples. Real allocations may involve adding or removing projects as the industry changes and the below example allocations are based on the current performance of the blockchains and their history of performance

Examples of allocations in different market conditions
Examples of allocations in different market conditions
Examples of allocations in different market conditions

Our launch allocation is on the conservative side, reflecting the ongoing recovery from the 2022 bear market. However, the Best Blockchains Thematic is designed to be adaptive ready to shift as the market evolves.

This combination of expert due diligence and the execution automation of Reallocations and Rebalancing make the Best Blockchains Thematic an investment product like no other on the market, designed to be the strongest possible base for any crypto portfolio. 

To demonstrate its potential, we’ve backtested the performance of the Best Blockchains Thematic with Ethereum, the most built on Blockchain in crypto.

This graph compares the performance of the Best Blockchains, Thematic (BB) to Ethereum (ETH).

This graph compares the performance of the Best Blockchains, Thematic (BB) to Ethereum (ETH). This comparison is based on past data, or a "backtest". Since some assets in BB weren't available from the start of this backtest, their portion was distributed among the existing assets until they became available. The initial allocation used for BB in this backtest is the one it launched with, adjusted for assets added later. BB's allocation will change over time, and any performance data after its launch date is actual, not simulated. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results.

Source: CoinMarketCap

In Conclusion, one heck of a way to strengthen your portfolio

The Best Blockchains Thematic isn't merely a tweak to the earlier Web3 Thematic; it's a significant upgrade with a new asset selection framework and far superior automation.

While the core Web3 vision remains consistent, this Thematic offers a clearer focus and greater adaptability. Given that blockchains are the foundation of crypto, the Best Blockchains Thematic is designed to be the foundation for any crypto portfolio.

Special Offer Alert! For this week only (until 10 October 2023), to celebrate the Best Blockchains Thematic’s debut, all buy fees on all Thematic (yes, including the Golden Thematic) have been made FREE! 

So take advantage and strengthen your portfolio with the new Thematics without any entry fees now!

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