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Thematics 2023 Vision: A Renaissance in Wealth Management

Thematics App screen

Daniel de Lophem

Thematics Product Manager

Forget ETFs and index funds; SwissBorg Thematics is a game changer - a comprehensive innovation that revolutionises how the wealth-management industry perceives portfolio-building.

With Thematics, SwissBorg users have a superpower found nowhere else; they can directly diversify guided by their convictions - capitalising on their beliefs. This is because Thematics are expertly curated, and fully automated crypto asset bundles centred on specific themes. Each Thematic has a true story and purpose.

Our first Web3 Thematic has been proving its competency by continuously outperforming its CMC index counterpart - with its automated Rebalancing continually buying low/selling high and its reallocation mechanism keeping it at the forefront of industry shifts.

Web3 Thematic vs Web3 CMC
Web3 Thematic vs Web3 CMC
Web3 Thematic vs Web3 CMC
Thematics Performance
Thematics Performance
Thematics dahsboard
Thematics dahsboard

With over 12,000 users having deposited more than 10 Million CHF into the Web3 Thematic, we are just getting started. Thematics is still in its infancy and about to enter its first growth sprout. This is how:

I. The Basics

The best armies prepare their battlefields before raising their swords. We must present Thematics clearly to attract investors across the world.

1. Thematics dashboard

A product can be explained in two ways. Explicitly, like in this article, and, Implicitly, through thorough UI/UX - the achievement of our brand new Thematics Dashboard. A well-deserved home for this original product - able to tell its story and scale with it. In this context, new and existing users will get a clear picture of its nature as a product and value as an asset.  

2. Thematics performance

Performance is integral to any financial product - it tells you much about its credibility, purpose & value. As an investor, you use it to assess trends, risk-reward potentials, and, the overall strategy. This is also essential for Thematics, so we are delighted to enable all users to visualise the historical & current performance of each Thematic directly in-app.

3. Thematics fees simplification

Fees are a delicate subject and there’s a constant struggle between necessity and pleasing the app users. That is why we are incredibly pleased to announce that we are saying "goodbye" to Rebalancing Fees, "au revoir" to Reallocation Fees, and "chömmed guet hei" to elevated exchange Fees. All that will be left is a recurring subscription fee set as low as 0,35%/month for our upper Premium users. 

All the best assets, the best automation, and one simple fee. What a relief.

New fee structure
New fee structure
New fee structure

4. Thematics: automation for all

Reallocation & Rebalancing are cornerstones of SwissBorg Thematics. Automation enables users' portfolios to maximise market moves by automatically buying low, selling high, and adapting asset compositions as industries evolve. It is crucial for compounding optimal results over time. And now, with all Automation on Thematics being FREE of charge, we can standardise it for everybody. Bringing once more a clear and unified product to our users. 

II. The Expansion

We are ready to begin our conquest with a clear vision and firm foundations - SwissBorg to the world and Thematics at its flag.

1. A Growing Thematics Catalogue

Web3 Thematic proved the efficacy of our concept, now the world is our oyster. SwissBorg Thematics themes are not all the same; some capture promising trends, and others serve long-term investment thesis. To construct a rich-in-value and deep-in-meaning Thematic catalogue, we seek contrast and complementarity across investment universes, risk characteristics, and theme rationales. And yes, you, the community, will have a say in this too ;) 

2. Thematics in DeFi

That's right. Some Thematics will be so vanguard in their narrative and strategy that they will be able to directly carry opportunities straight back from the depths of DeFi - αlphα to the tips of your fingers.

3. Partnerships, Synergies and Community

As Thematics grow in depth and richness around narratives, trends, and risk levels, one aspect remains constant; communities will be mobilised, partnerships forged, and synergies created along the way. Thematics is our flagship, our vessel for growth; it has the potential to bring new light onto our ecosystem, our token, and our mission. 

Are you ready for battle?

Discover the power of Thematics!

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