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The Fundraiser in Figures: Community Counts! 


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The fundraiser in figures

We are ecstatic about all that we’ve achieved with our Series A fundraising. In the last three months, SwissBorg rewrote the way fundraisers are done. We showed the world, once again,  that the best approach to raising funds is the community-centric one. After the whopping success of our Series A, we can say with full confidence that this approach pays off.  In the middle of a very bearish winter in the crypto markets, we achieved our goals, exceeded expectations, broke records and set a high bar for future fundraisers. Last Friday we closed the SwissBorg Series A with staggering results (aggregated figures from the three offers to the public in three jurisdictions):

  • Total amount raised: 21,242,064 Swiss Francs 

  • Total number of shares sold: 13,651,189

  • Number of investors:  16841 users

  • Final SwissBorg valuation: 222,896,790 Swiss Francs

What to expect moving forward?

We are delighted to have you as an investor and look forward to the prospect of working together with you to grow Swissborg into an industry leader in the coming years. Thank you so much for your vote of confidence and the continued support. With the Series A fundraising round coming to an end, we begin with the legal process of issuing all the certificates that grant you ownership of the company. With this article, we want to clarify what to expect in the coming weeks and months.

The roadmap in a nutshell:

Mar 31, 2023 - Closing of the fundraise (private & public sales)

Apr 3, 2023 - Communication on the results of the offer

April, 2023 - Capital increase of SwissBorg Community AG

April, 2023 - Subscription Certificates will be sent via email with a signature

May, 2023 - Capital Increase of SBorg SA and SwissBorg Community AG officially becomes shareholder of SBorg

May, 2023 - Bank wires the funds to the operational bank account of SBorg 

Let’s look into it in more detail:

Once Series A ends, several important legal processes and sensitive financial transactions need to take place to formalise the capital increase and the issued shares. This process is time-consuming and intricate from a financial and legal point of view. Here we will try to give a high-level overview so that you know what to expect in the coming weeks. 

Overall the process takes a minimum of 5 weeks from the moment that we close the fundraiser to the moment that the last transaction is made to SBorg. There are 5 important steps in the process:

Step 1

Reporting and communications:  the company will create the necessary reports to be able to send you an email providing you with all aggregated information, i.e. the amount of money collected and the number of participants in the fundraiser.

Step 2

Issuance by SwissBorg Community AG of the new shares through a capital increase and update the company’s share register: the company must register the new shares with the Swiss commercial register. This registration must include information such as the number of new shares being issued, their par value and the new amount of the share capital (including the new shares).

Step 3

Notify investors of the issuance of the shares: fill out the subscription forms as proof of investment.

Step 4

Pay in the new capital: Once the new shares have been issued and the commercial register updated, the funds will be transferred from a dedicated consignment bank account to the bank account of the company, which should happen within 15-20 days. From this point, the company will be able to use the proceeds from the fundraiser. 

Step 5

Allocate the proceeds from the fundraising to acquire shares of SBorg SA: Once SwissBorg Community AG receives the proceeds of the fundraiser in its bank account, it will subscribe to new shares to be issued by SBorg SA during a capital increase. To this purpose, SwissBorg Community AG will send the funds to a dedicated consignment bank account, which will be transferred to SBorg SA once the new SBorg SA shares have been issued and the commercial register updated to reflect this capital increase.. 

We Couldn’t Have Done it Without You: We Are SwissBorg! 

We would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to the entire SwissBorg community for your unwavering support and trust in us throughout the Series A fundraising. Your belief in our vision has enabled us to surpass our goals, break records, and set new benchmarks for future fundraisers. As we embark on this exciting new chapter, we are thrilled to have you as investors and are eager to work together to drive SwissBorg to greater heights within the space. We appreciate your confidence in us and look forward to achieving remarkable milestones together. Once again, thank you for being a part of this incredible journey. We’d like to close this article with the rewriting of an overused quote that is more appropriate for SwissBorg: fortune favours those with many friends. And we are fortunate to have you!  

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