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SwissBorg Integrates Moonbeam Network



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About the Moonbeam Network

Moonbeam is a smart contract platform for building cross-chain connected applications that can access users, assets, and services on any chain. By uniting functionality from Ethereum, Cosmos, Polkadot, and more into a single platform, Moonbeam solves the problem of today’s fragmented user experience — unlocking true interoperability and paving the way for the next generation of applications. The Moonbeam platform uses integrated cross-chain messaging to allow developers to create smart contracts that access services across many remote blockchains. This approach, plus Moonbeam’s developer-friendly EVM platform, vast tool support, and modern Substrate architecture, creates the ideal development environment for building connected applications.

What is Moonbeam:

  • Layer 1 blockchain on the Polkadot parachain 
  • Moonbeam is a smart contract platform for cross-chain connected applications that unites functionality from Ethereum, Cosmos, Polkadot — and beyond.
  • Moonbeam aims to dramatically improve the user experience in Web3 today, which is highly fragmented and tribal, Moonbeam’s full Ethereum implementation in Substrate provides the core smart contract functionality. Surrounding that is a complete set of infrastructure and tools such as Etherscan and Chainlink that developers expect when coming from a smart contract platform like Ethereum mainnet.

Cross-chain Messaging

Moonbeam allows developers to design smart contracts that access functionality across many remote blockchains through integrated cross-chain messaging

  • Moonbeam connects the Polkadot ecosystem to the outside world allowing Polkadot assets to flow to other chains.
  • Moonbeam provides cross-chain messaging options including Polkadot XCM, Axelar, Wormhole, and Hyperlane allowing devs to build apps that span multiple blockchains which are more efficient and offer superior user experiences.
  • Applications built on Moonbeam using this approach can tap into functionality from Ethereum, Cosmos, Avalanche, and Polkadot from a single instance of their application. They can do this via Moonbeam’s cross-chain connected contracts, which are powered by messages being sent across chains. 
  • Teams currently working on cross-chain scenarios on Moonbeam include Uniswap, Lido, Osmosis, Centrifuge, and Prime Protocol.
  • Moonbeam created XC-20s cross-chain enabled assets that retain the simplicity of ERC-20s but can natively move across the broader Polkadot ecosystem as if they were Substrate-based tokens.

Security and Scalability

  • Shared security and finality derived from the Polkadot Relay Chain gives Moonbeam the full strength of Polkadot’s validator set.
  • Forkless upgrades mean that the core blockchain can be easily and safely upgraded with functionality and security improvements.
  • Tap into specialised resources on other parachains including privacy, storage, and identity services using XCM.
  • Staking & governance precompiles: allows participation in infrastructure staking or important on-chain referenda from standard (Ethereum-style) wallets.

Moonbeam Developer Environment

Moonbeam offers a development environment with complete Ethereum compatibility and tool support including wallets and accounts within a Polkadot native environment. 

  • Top developer integrations including Etherscan, Gnosis multisig, The Graph, Chainlink, and multiple VRF solutions.
  • Developer tool stack support: complete support for every tool you’ll ever need, including Hardhat, Ethers.js, Remix, Scaffold-Eth, OpenZeppelin, Gelato, and more.


  • Moonriver, Moonbeam’s companion network, is a parachain on Kusama with its own ecosystem of applications, some of which are also deployed on Moonbeam.
  • Moonriver is the “canary network” of Moonbeam, a more experimental chain, yet one that operates under real economic conditions. New code is shipped to Moonriver first where it is vetted for a number of weeks, before that same code is deployed onwards to Moonbeam as the final destination.

All in all

The partnership between Moonbeam and SwissBorg is a win-win for both companies. This collaboration will allow SwissBorg users to have access to the wide range of offerings from the Moonbeam network: new yield opportunities, access to a new ecosystem and in the future to the $GLMR token. Moonbeam community will be able to access our fiat gateway in addition to enjoying  the products and perks of the SwissBorg app and ecosystem.

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