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SwissBorg x Colony Lab Partnership: Bringing Avalanche Early Deals to the SwissBorg Community

SwissBorg x Colony Lab Partnership


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We are excited to announce a strategic partnership with Colony Lab, a community-driven Avalanche ecosystem accelerator which empowers early-stage projects on Avalanche through decentralised fundraising and liquidity. Together, we will bring the best of the Avalanche ecosystem startups to the SwissBorg community via our Alpha Early Deal programme. SwissBorg app users are set to benefit from diverse exposure and unprecedented access to growth opportunities on Avalanche via seed/private sale investment opportunities.

About Colony Lab

Colony Lab’s community of users gain exposure to growth opportunities on Avalanche through a single inclusive platform, tailored for both passive income enthusiasts and active investors.

  • Airdrops from early-stage projects Colony has invested in
  • AVAX rewards from their Validator Program
  • Platform fees in the form of CLY (staking/unstaking fees)
  • CAI fees generated by their Colony Avalanche Index $$$
  • Special rewards stemming from Colony’s Avalanche DeFi liquidity positions yield

Colony’s Early-stage feature is set to enable CLY stakers with the ability to invest directly in early-stage Avalanche projects before IDOs through seed and private sales.

A shared vision for financial inclusivity

At SwissBorg it is of utmost importance that a strategic partner shares the same values and vision for the world as we do. Colony Lab’s vision is to help build a world where financial inclusivity is not just a slogan but a reality, and to do so by making opportunities which were once only available to the few, accessible to the many. Colony Lab places community at the forefront of their mission, pioneering a future where passionate individuals can shape the future of blockchain, and finance, by participating, contributing and flourishing. 

In a similar way, at SwissBorg, our mission is to level the playing field in a fair and transparent way by empowering anyone on their journey to financial freedom. A significant component of this mission involves decentralising Alpha opportunities by offering communities across the space investment deals which are equal to or better than venture capitalists. Understanding Colony Lab’s work to remove obstacles that have historically hindered amazing early-stage projects from reaching their full potential, and seeing the overlap with our own goals for SwissBorg Alpha, we realised this vision could become a reality far quicker by working together.

Bringing opportunities to the SwissBorg community

With SwissBorg Alpha, we strive to bring early deal opportunities to our community that are typically as good as, if not better than VCs. Our track record speaks for itself, raising almost $2M from 4,000+ investors for our XBorg and Phaver early deals. 

SwissBorg Alpha, opportunities to the SwissBorg community
SwissBorg Alpha, opportunities to the SwissBorg community
SwissBorg Alpha, opportunities to the SwissBorg community

With Colony Lab, we aim to bring a pipeline of lucrative early deal opportunities for projects on Avalanche to the SwissBorg community as early as Q1 2024, including a possibility to invest in Colony Lab’s own CLY token and access staking rewards. As a tier 1 seed launchpad on Avalanche, Colony Lab will be involved in curating the deal flow to ensure only the best deals which have passed due diligence checks land in front of you.

We are immensely happy to welcome another partner to the SwissBorg ecosystem who aligns so closely with our own goals and visions, and to be able to reward our community of SwissBorg app users with opportunities to accelerate their financial freedom goals.

Learn more about Colony Lab: 

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Don’t forget, anyone in our community has the power to nominate projects they would like to see on the SwissBorg app, whether that’s raising funds through our Alpha product, or being made available on our Smart Engine MEX.

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