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Your Path to Financial Freedom Through the Borger Journey

Borger Journey


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At SwissBorg we strive to simplify your journey to financial freedom. The latest upgrades to our app and ecosystem integrate existing and new utilities of our BORG token. SwissBorg’s key purpose is to democratise Wealth Management by making it fun, fair, and community-centric. This vision is embodied by the features that we decided to implement inside our SwissBorg app and work tirelessly on improving every day. 

Everything we do is to ensure that you, our community, are able to reclaim control of your wealth and reach the ultimate goal of financial independence.

Unifying Your Experience Around BORG

While our various initiatives may seem divergent, our vision is to seamlessly intertwine BORG's utilities to create a cohesive and enriching experience for our community.

With the introduction of the Borger Journey program, we bid farewell to the Hero Score, ushering in a more transparent and engaging way for users to maximise their SwissBorg experience.

In response to community feedback, the Borger Journey introduces clarity and structure by harmonising existing programs like Guardians of the BORG, Premium, Pegasus, and Alpha. This integration allows users to progress seamlessly, unlocking exclusive benefits along their journey.

Your Path Towards Your Dream Crypto Portfolio

The Borger Journey is a progressive program designed to guide users through various milestones, known as camps, by accumulating Borger Points. These points are earned by holding BORG tokens, with additional multipliers based on your Premium tier, amplifying your progression within the program.

As you advance through the journey, you unlock access to a variety of benefits, including early feature access, increased voicing power in the Guardians of the BORG initiative, and better access to Alpha investment opportunities.

Each milestone is designed to present a challenge yet remain achievable, presenting you with an ever-expanding array of possibilities to shape your ideal portfolio on the road to financial freedom.

To embark on your journey, simply hold BORG tokens within the SwissBorg app to begin increasing your Borger Score. Should you choose to elevate your experience, upgrading your Premium tier will further amplify your score, complementing existing perks such as exchange fee discounts and APY boosts.

The Borger Journey stands as our commitment to providing a clear and structured pathway for users, empowering them to unlock the full potential of their SwissBorg experience.

Borger Journey and Premium Tiers

While the Borger Journey focuses on your progression within the SwissBorg ecosystem, our Premium program complements this journey by offering tangible benefits such as reduced exchange fees and enhanced APY in Earn strategies. By locking your BORG tokens, you not only unlock these benefits but also accelerate your Borger Journey, amplifying your access to exclusive opportunities and rewards. In essence, your Premium status acts as a catalyst for your overall journey, providing added value and incentives for long-term commitment.

Borger Journey and Guardians of the BORG

As you advance through the Borger Journey and leverage your Premium benefits, you also have the opportunity to participate in the Guardians of the BORG sessions. Your Borger Journey rank directly influences your voicing power, allowing you to contribute meaningfully to topics of Guardian sessions. Furthermore, as you reach higher camps, you will unlock rewards for participating. Thus, your journey as a Guardian of the BORG is intricately linked to your progression through the Borger Journey program.

Borger Journey and Pegasus

In addition to our commitment to inclusivity and empowerment, we also offer an exclusive, more personalised experience with our Pegasus club to those seeking tailored guidance on their crypto journey. While Pegasus operates independently from the Borger Journey and Premium programs, its invitation-only nature ensures that members are already deeply engaged within the SwissBorg ecosystem, further reinforcing the interconnectedness of our initiatives in providing a holistic and rewarding experience for users.

Going Forward

In our ongoing commitment to enhancing the Borger Journey program, we will continue exploring ways to enrich the user experience and provide even greater value to our community. One key area of focus is expanding the range of rewards available, ensuring that each milestone achieved is accompanied by meaningful benefits and incentives. We are focusing on expanding the range of rewards available and exploring new avenues for users to increase their Borger Score.

We now invite you to open the SwissBorg app and embark on your Borger Journey towards financial freedom!

Your Borger Journey starts now!

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