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SwissBorg [CHSB$] Compelling Stories

SwissBorg CHSB stories
Jami Sabety-Javid Social Media & PR Analyst

Jami Sabety-Javid

Social Media & PR Analyst

The rise of Bitcoin opened a world of opportunities for individuals with an interest in finance and alternative investment opportunities. Inspired by Bitcoin’s initiative, in 2017, Anthony and Cyrus set out to change the world of wealth management to make investing in alternative financial markets accessible to everyday people. 

At first, this objective seemed like a distant dream. As the years went on, their dream slowly became a reality through the expansion of the SwissBorg team and fine-tuning the goal and mission at large. Fast forward to today, SwissBorg and CHSB have enabled everyday people to achieve personal goals, which previously seemed out of reach.  

In March 2020, SwissBorg launched a wealth management app called the SwissBorg app, a game-changing initiative. Since the launch of the SwissBorg app, the company has experienced rapid growth in every way. 

CHSB took the crypto-community by storm after the price jumped and stablized around $1 at the end of Q1 2021, a 4000% increase in just 12 months. SwissBorg grew its team by 200%, from 50 to 150 between 2020 and 2021. In 2021, SwissBorg has over 150 employees, over 280,000 users of the SwissBorg app, a $1 billion market capitalisation, and hundreds of community success stories as a result of investing in CHSB.  The SwissBorg app is appealing to crypto-connoisseurs because it’s consistently up-to-speed with the latest blockchain technologies. However, the app is also very user-friendly for individuals with surface-level knowledge about crypto and blockchain at large. We asked our community members on Twitter to share their compelling stories and experiences as SwissBorg users and CHSB investors.

SwissBorg allowed many new users to begin their journey of diversifying their investment portfolio and taking control over their wealth management. [@AaveMike] Mike tells us

“For 6 months now, the [SwissBorg] project, community, and the founders have changed my vision of wealth management. Thanks to all the knowledge they’ve shared, I look forward to investing more in the future, and passing on this knowledge to my daughter so that she has a solid base to start her life."

The financial impact of COVID-19 presented an opportunity for individuals to seek alternative solutions to finding additional financial support.  [@StavUK] Stav from the UK tells us 

“My company was in financial trouble with no backers to invest, COVID hit and we closed over 35 retail sites. The government gave us a ‘Bounceback’ loan so we used those funds to open a SwissBorg account. We then proceeded to buy Bitcoin, Ethereum and [CHSB] SwissBorg last year! This saved the company and all the people and helped us to recapitalise and continue our innovation and sales.”

SwissBorg has created the space and platform for individuals to navigate alternative financial investments for men and women alike. Claire [@clairemzrtinra1] shares 

“I came into SwissBorg in March 2021, at a hard moment in my professional life. Until then I  had never touched any financial investing. It is an eye opener, a brave new world, and I am so impressed by the achievements of SwissBorg and the power of the DAO community.”

Other users share with us that the SwissBorg app and investing in CHSB has allowed them to achieve goals that otherwise would have taken years to achieve. Between purchasing engagement rings, buying new homes, and switching up their entire lifestyles, individuals are now able to feel hopeful about their financial future. Remy [@Rémy DeLyon] shares with us that 

“SwissBorg is going to offer me and my family this dream life we never thought about before [investing in] this amazing project, we sold our apartment and plan to move in our marvellous paradise near to sea this summer, unbelievable.”

Another user, Gareth [@swissborglife], shares that 

“I will have the ability to quit my job and live the dream thanks to the SwissBorg Smart Yield programme! I sold my apartment in London and put it into digital assets  and a camper van!” 

The volume of success the SwissBorg app has created for individuals all over the world is a step closer to reaching the overall mission of the company. This is only the start of this incredible journey, and we cannot wait for what the future holds.

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