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Pow Wow 8/52 - Crypto Market, Ukraine Statement & Tribute To Richard Kent | Crypto News

1 March 2022

Cyborg from SwissBorg


DAO member

Chapters / Timings:

00:00 Intro to SwissBorg Pow Wow 8 (2022)

00:29 Cyrus Fazel Ukraine statement & question of the week (Julienas Galt: "How is SwissBorg managing the situation regarding our support team which is, for a big part, in Ukraine?")

03:42 Community member of the week (Philipp Neuro),

04:07 FOMO/FUD of the week (Huobi listing!)

05:26 SwissBorg job referral bounties

05:53 Crypto news of the week: Ukraine raises USD 13m+ from crypto crowdfunding appeal, £4m+ worth of Ethereum (ETH) returned to UK scam victims, US arrests $4.5b BitFinex hack couple, Russian Ruble (RUB) crashes against Bitcoin (BTC) & USD after SWIFT expulsion 08:13 Crypto market update: Bitcoin (BTC) political induced uncertainty, Bitcoin as an inflation/USD hedge, fear & greed index, Ethereum (ETH), TVLs, DeFI & NFT dominance, CHSB performance

12:12 SwissBorg new hire Cyborg School graduation pitch - suggested new SwissBorg app fundraising feature

13:38 SwissBorg app chart of the week & CHSB weekly data: premium upgrades and downgrades, CHSB stakes, CHSB yield program, protect & burn, app holders, Community Index = 6.5

16:05 'Best of Cryptonites TV' dropping (on Cryptonites TV) Wednesday March 2nd at 8pm GMT 16:29 Cyrus Fazel heartfelt tribute to Richard Kent, who passed away on Monday, February 28th, 2022. RIP Brother!

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