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Our Mission

Universal access to the new financial world.

Simple and fair wealth management ecosystem powered by blockchain technology.

Today's Financial World Limitations

Off-Chain: Financial Institutions

  • Not accessible to everyone
  • Lack of transparency
  • High fees
  • Time consuming

Onchain: Crypto solutions

  • Poor user experience
  • No democracy
  • Not secure enough
  • Lack of robust investment solutions

SwissBorg Solutions

The ICO Platform and Competition

Over 80% of ICO's fail and less than 10% ever make it to an exchange. Gaining enough exposure, having access to a secure ICO platform and the know-how needed to avoid costly mistakes is challenging.

SwissBorg’s holistic ICO platform allows contributions in both Fiat and Crypto, an integrated KYC/AML process and other tailored essential services.

We usually partner with advanced top-tier projects, but our ICO competition gives promising ICO ventures the opportunity to benefit from our ecosystem. Cyborg analysts and SwissBorg community members will help young projects succeed in launching their own ICOs.

Projects will have access to an ICO platform with a track record of raising 52 million USD from 23872 contributors in 149 countries and ranked among the top 12 ICOs in Switzerland in 2018.
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Blockchain Referendum and Community Management

We believe that the community should be at the core of the SwissBorg ecosystem, that is why our CHSB multi-utility token is powered by ‘Proof of Meritocracy’ (POM).

Voting in our referendums allows the community the opportunity to voice their opinion and influence decisions within the SwissBorg ecosystem and get rewarded for their participation. Every CHSB token holder will receive an allocation of “RSB tokens” calculated by the amount and the length of time they hold the CHSB token. By actively participating in our Reddit community CHSB holders will be rewarded in CHSB, ETH and other ERC20 tokens based on SwissBorg’s overall performance.
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SwissBorg Crypto Indices

The biggest obstacle to mass adoption is the complicated process of investing in a portfolio of crypto-assets. Tracking assets on multiple exchanges, owning multiple wallets with different private keys and managing it on a daily basis with technical order-books, graphs, and charts is daunting and time-consuming sometimes requiring a trading desk that runs 24/7.

Starting with the SB 5, the top 5 crypto assets by market cap to the SB20 and SB30 we will offer a range of indices and products allowing people to choose investment solutions based on their personal investment preferences.

Ultimately, all users will have access to fully customised portfolios with hybrid solutions combining utility and security tokens fully based on risk appetite and preferences.
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The SwissBorg Mobile App

Our App is the primary technology that supports our ecosystem and will give everyone equal access to all of our investment packages. Thanks to its intuitive user interface, institutional grade back-end infrastructure and the expertise of our fintech team, anyone from traditional investors to absolute beginners can become a community member.

Our all-in-one investment app will offer diversified and automatically re-balanced portfolios in just a few clicks. Even the busiest or least tech-savvy users will be able to access quality investment products with our investment app.
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The SwissBorg Financial Engine

The core technology behind this solution is called the "financial engine". The financial engine is comprised of two interconnected parts:

1) A liquidity aggregator
2) An OEMS (Order & Execution Management system)

The Smart Routing Order and liquidity aggregator connects the financial engine to the APIs of the most liquid and secure crypto exchanges in order to optimise execution based on the highest speeds and best prices liquidity available. The entirety or our aggregated systems are going through proper due diligence, in order to receive the latest information from the trading books of all their pairs.

The OEMS is responsible for analysing all the liquidity offers and defining the best execution path at all times. These components are built with state of the art technologies so that executions can happen in fractions of a second, in order to achieve best execution and the lowest rates in real time.

As of today, a significant portion of exchanges are simply white labelling the core technology trading/matching engines from other exchanges which are often built with very fragile infrastructures. At SwissBorg, we have decided to partner with off-chain financial engineers, from one of the largest banks in the world, to develop institutional grade technology and ensure a tier-one platform compatible for our community.
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SwissBorg Academy: Blockchain Unchained, Conferences, University tutorials

Our events brand, Blockchain Unchained, uses the ‘edutainment’ approach to both educate and entertain those who attend our meetups and conferences. From Tokyo to Geneva, Toronto, and London we hold regular meetups to grow our community and spread our message.

Our tech team, as thought leaders in the field, attend conferences, workshops and hold tutorials on state of the art technology in partnership with top universities.

Our founders are passionate advocates of the blockchain disruption, travelling widely from Singapore to Amsterdam and Malta, spreading the message of a new, decentralised and transparent way to conduct finance.
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Key Numbers

CHSB Holders
ICO Participants
CHF Raised

CHSB Token

The CHSB token is a multi-utility token that is the key to the SwissBorg ecosystem. Each utility enables our community members to take part in the development of the SwissBorg network through the concept of “proof of merit”.

  • Earn rewards for participating in our referendums and Reddit community
  • DAO's and Cyborg analysts earn tokens through our ICO competition
  • CHSB holders earn additional incentives such as future airdrops from ICO's we partner with
  • Get priority access to our future wealth management products such as our indices
  • As our community grows and we develop more products, additional utilities will be added to the CHSB token
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SwissBorg Network Roadmap


Market research & Thorough analysis of fintech space
Active portfolio management in equity, derivatives and crypto


SwissBorg / Pivot to Blockchain / Smart Contracts research on underlying technology
Market research & Thorough analysis of fintech space


ICO model, research and planning
Warwyck private bank partnership


ICO hard cap reached $52m USD, 23k+ contributors from 149 countries
Blockchain Referendum #1 and rewards
First revenue from ICO platform 1.0
Referendum #2 and new token airdrop
Launch of proprietary cryptocurrency indices
Blockchain Unchained "Edutainment" conferences
Driven by strong growth in the tech team, the company grows to 37 employees across Switzerland, U.K. Japan and Canada


SwissBorg app V.0 - Community building, indices display, leaderboard and reward program
App V.1 - Crypto index manager, fiat wallet, order management system & execution venue
Theme-based crypto portfolios


1st Off-Chain and Onchain utility and security tokens investment platform
V.2 Crypto Index Manager - 7 crypto Exchanges, SwissBorg referendums, £, $, CHF, €
V.3 Advanced Crypto Index Manager - Custom liquidity, investor profiling, ICO investment, AI strategy-based analytics


Data Monetisation - Smart mandates, Cyborg advisor, fully customised investment solutions
V.4 Global Investment Manager - AI, security token indexes, STO

About Us


Cyrus Fazel

CEO - Founder

Anthony Lesoismier

CSO - Co-Founder

Ken Yagami

CEO SwissBorg Japan/Head of China

Nicolas Rémond


Christophe Diserens


Jeremy Baumann


Vince Howard

Head of Marketing

Marco Guerreiro

Chief Research Officer

Dr. Otilia Gudana

Community Manager

Alex Fazel

Head of Communications

Mariem Farhat

Growth Hacker

Ankit Mittal

Software Developer

Ardian Balaj

Legal Crypto Analyst