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Setareh Sabety


Setareh (Sisi) Sabety is a writer, poet, blogger and social media activist. Her writings appeared in publications featuring notables such as Madeleine Albright and Carol Moseley-Braun (I like Being American – M.Leach 2003). She contributed to Media, Power and Politics in the Digital Age (2010) with, "Graphic Content: The Semiotics of A Youtube Uprising”. Her online campaigning & poetry is highlighted in Negar Mottahedeh's, #IranElection: Hashtag Solidarity and Transformation of Online Life, (2015). A contributor to Horizons, a college-level textbook for English Language courses, Sisi is currently copy/content writer and wordsmith at SwissBorg where she loves "working in a paradigm-shifting industry where new words are invented daily".